Favorite Foods for Cherry Blossom Viewing among Japanese people


It is getting warm little by little in Japan.
Spring is a season of cherry blossom viewing.

During cherry blossom viewing, Japanese people love to eat delicious foods,
There are also many stalls lined with parks and roads.

Are you interested in what is the most popular foods for Japanese people during cherry blossom viewing?
I have analyzed the various ranking results listed on the Internet and in the newspaper, and explain them.


Yakisoba (Fried noodles or Chawmen): 焼きそば

Among all types of noodles, Yakisoba is the only one that we can eat without soup (such as Ramen or Soba).
Yakisoba is delicious even if it gets cold.
It is a popular food at festivals and events.
I love it.


I think it is a very balanced food that anyone can easily make and eat vegetables and eggs.
Sandwiches are sold at around 200-400 yen ($2-4) at convenience stores. You may buy it before going to cherry blossom viewing.



Inari Sushi is a special type of sushi in which vinegar rice is stuffed in fried tofu.
Inari Sushi does not use raw fish, you don’t have to worry about the growth of the bacteria like sushi with Tuna and Salmon.

Japanese people may want to eat it at the time of the traditional events, like cherry blossom viewing.


Oden (おでん) is a Japanese one-pot dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth.

Now you can buy it at a convenience store as you like with a very reasonable price (¥100-300).
I always order eggs and daikon.


Sushi is always one of the best foods in Japan that are ordered during the traditional Japanese festivals, such as cherry blossom viewing.

You can buy sushi at convenience stores or supermarkets, and even sushi restaurants.

Sushi (寿司)


You may find Yakitori (grilled chicken) at stalls in the parks.
Yakitori is also a famous food for these festivales.

Yakitori(焼き鳥)and Restaurants in Japan

Onigiri (Rice ball): おにぎり

Rice ball is a popular food in Japan like Pizza in the U.S.
You can buy rice ball at any convenience stores with very low price (¥100-200; $1-2)

You can bring it with green tea to enjoy watching beautiful cherry blossoms like most Japanese people do.

Green tea (緑茶) and vending machines in Japan

Sanshoku Dango (Three color dumplings): 三色団子

You can find a lot of three-color dumplings at the stores during the cherry blossom viewing seasons.

Three-color dumplings seem to have been in the Edo period (140 years ago).
Three colors consist of pink, white, and green and they have meanings and show beatiful scene of spring.

Pink in three color dumplings

As you know, pink in the three color dumplings means cherry blossms.
It also includes the color of peach or spring mild sunshine.

White in three color dumplings

White in the three color dumplings means snowfall and Japanese sake.
Mostly. it represents the remnants of the winter.

Green in three color dumplings

Green means young grass, wormwood, etc.
It represents the beginning of the summer.


Let’s go to cherry blossom viewing with Japanese foods

Let’s go to cherry blossom viewing with Japanese foods.
In Japan, you can buy most foods that I have introduced at the convenience stores at reasonable prices.

Enjoy your stay in Japan!


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