Sushi (寿司)


Sushi is one of the best known Japanese foods all over the world.
But, actually, there are different types of Sushi in Japan.
Today, I will explain these difference in Sushi and way to eat sushi

  • Chirashi-Zushi
  • Kaiten-Sushi
  • How to eat sushi

Chirashi-Zushi (ちらし寿司 )

(Edo-Mae Chirashi-Zushi)

Chirashi-zushi is one of the styles of sushi.
It is prepared by vinegared rice with various types of raw fish (Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, etc).

Also, sometimes it is provided with cooked vegetables, mushrooms, and eggs.


Kaiten-Sushi (回転寿司)

Kaiten-Sushi means that you pick sushi from a rotating conveyer belt.
In Kaiten-Sushi restaurants, various types of sushi are served on conveyor belts, and you can pick them as you like.

At the end of the meal, the waiters count the number of plates you have eaten and calculate your bill.

Different-color plates represent different prices.
Most Kaiten-Sushi restaurants set the prices at 1–4 USD per plate.


How to eat sushi?

You can eat sushi by hands or by chopsticks, as you like.
Some people may think eating sushi by hands is a little bit rude, but most people don’t mind it.

When eating sushi, please be careful not to dip the sushi too deeply into the dish of soy sauce.
I recommend you to flip your piece of sushi over, and then dip the raw fish side into the soy sauce, in order to prevent the rice from falling apart.

When you love sushi, the easiest way to eat good sushi in Japan is to go to Tsukiji or Toyosu in Tokyo.
Tsukiji market was the former official fish market, and now it moved to Toyosu as the new fish market in Japan.

You can find wonderful Japanese sushi restaurants very easily, there.


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