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Negishi Sasanoyuki Tofu Restaurant at Ueno, Tokyo | 根ぎし笹乃雪

I will introduce a restaurant where you can eat historical tofu dishes in Tokyo. It is a tofu restaurant with a history...

Best 8 Tofu Restaurants in Tokyo| Japanese foods that you should eat

What is tofu? Tofu (Tofu) is a processed food made by solidifying soybean juice (Soy milk) with a coagulant (Niga...

The 16 Best Restaurants for your Dinner at Ueno, Tokyo

Do you want to know the restaurants for your dinner in the Ueno area? There are so many restaurants in the Ueno area, s...

Best 9 Ramen Stores at Ueno, Tokyo

Ramen Stores at Ueno, Tokyo We introduce ramen shops in the Ueno area. In this area, there is a shopping street wher...

Best 11 Restaurants for Lunch in Ueno, Tokyo

Delicious lunch spots perfect for Ueno sightseeing, carefully selected! We selected a variety of shops such as a long...

Hanami (花見) : Cherry blossoms in Japan

Japanese people love cherry blossoms so much. This is because cherry blossoms are regarded as a symbol of the transient...
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