5 Questions that I was often asked by foreign tourists.


Here are the general questions that I was often asked about for visiting Japan.


1. How to get the central area of Tokyo from the Airport?

I recommend you to use public transportation because it is not so expensive, fast, safe, and on time.

Compared with trains or buses, a taxi is expensive. It takes approximately ¥22,000–¥26,000 ($220–260) from Narita to Tokyo and ¥8,000–¥10,000 ($80–$100).

2. Are Japanese foods expensive?

For foreign visitors, Japanese foods are thought to be expensive. But, it is not necessarily true.

For example, sushi is thought of as an expensive food for foreign tourists, but actually, it is not so expensive if you go to “conveyor-belt sushi (kaiten sushi)” restaurants.

In Japan, you can enjoy Japanese foods, such as sushi, at a very reasonable price.

3. Do we need to pay tips in restaurants or other situations?

In Japan, there is no custom of paying tips for someone.
If you try to pay a tip for someone, they may try to return your money correspondingly.

The clerks are paid by the shop and the service fee is already included in the payment.


4. Do Japanese people speak English?

The fluency of English varies across people and their education levels.
Japanese people may read and write English, but probably most people cannot speak and listen to English very well.

So please try to speak English as slowly as possible or write it down what you want to ask.

Please be careful that taxi drivers, convenience store clerks, and first food restaurant waiters are less likely to speak English well.

5. How about Wifi?

From the world’s point of view, Japan seems to be unfortunately recognized as having delayed the development of the free Wi-Fi environment.
According to the survey results for foreign tourists implemented in 2016, “Free public wireless LAN environment” is listed as the second place of trouble while traveling

In Japan, it seems that the rate of free Wi-Fi in town is not high

I recommend you to buy prepaid SIM at the airport or major electrical stores.


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