Green tea (緑茶) and vending machines in Japan


Japanese people call green tea “Ryokucha (緑茶)” or “Ocha(お茶)”.
In Japan, you can drink green tea for free in most restaurants, just like water.

You can get green tea anywhere in Japan, which is sold in vending machines.

Today, I will explain the popular bottled green tea you can buy in vending machines.


Ayataka (綾鷹) by Coca Cola

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Since its appearance, Ayataka has exploded in popularity due to its deliciousness.
You can easily enjoy the excellent taste of green tea like you could in a teapot.

You can feel a firm bitterness, but the aftertaste is refreshing and you can enjoy the good aroma of green tea.
There were a lot of fans who once hate green tea but love the taste of green tea because of the tastes of Ayataka.

Oi Ocha (おーいお茶) by Ito En

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“Oi Ocha” means “Hey, Green tea”.

Because it is made with freshness in mind, you can feel the taste and smell of the original tea like freshly brewed.
It’s easy to match any kinds of scene.


Iemon (伊右衛門) by Suntory

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“Iemon” is a plastic bottle of green tea jointly developed by the famous Kyoto-style tea company Fukujuen and Suntory.
You can feel the heart of Kyoto long-established tea shop.

This tea uses the first tea that is full of flavor and taste. So you can enjoy fragrant green tea.

As this manufacturing company changes tea leaves five times a year according to the season, we can see that it is pursuing the best taste for green tea drinkers.



We introduced delicious plastic bottle green tea which we can enjoy easily.

Even if it looks the same, you can see that the taste and smell are completely different for each product when you compare it.


You can get Japanese green tea made by Ito En (伊藤園) from
The taste of the tea is completely same as the one in Japan.



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