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[Customer Review] GONPACHI Nishi-Azabu | 権八 西麻布

In 2002, it suddenly became known as the restaurant where former Prime Minister Koizumi and former President Bush had di...

5 Recommended Japanese Family Restaurants

A family restaurant means a reasonable, casual restaurant that even families can enjoy in Japan. There are many kinds o...

Japanese style pub (Izakaya, 居酒屋)

Izakaya is similar to Western-style pub. It is a place where workers can stop by before coming back home and share drin...

Favorite Foods for Cherry Blossom Viewing among Japanese people

It is getting warm little by little in Japan. Spring is a season of cherry blossom viewing. During cherry blossom vi...

Sushi (寿司)

Sushi is one of the best known Japanese foods all over the world. But, actually, there are different types of Sushi in ...
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