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It is a stylish restaurant run by the family of a tofu shop where you can enjoy additive-free and safe tofu dishes without using chemical seasonings.

You can enjoy not only dishes, but also sandwiches and desserts made with tofu, and you can enjoy delicious and healthy food like a cafe.

Focusing on tofu

The tofu we use here is all delicious tofu made by the owner’s family in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture “Yoshikoshi Food (Choan)”.

We send freshly made ones directly every morning.

The owner’s father used to be a tofu seller in Kita-Senju, downtown Tokyo.

The family took over the tofu shop that his father built (Relocated to Tochigi Prefecture), and the owner used the tofu to open a delicious tofu restaurant.

We are also particular about the ingredients of tofu.

Natural Monument Spring Water

Benten Pond in Izuruhara, Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, is a legendary spring that appears in Japanese folk tales.

It is one of the top 100 famous drinks of water and designated as a natural monument.

The water filtered by the Paleozoic limestone is clear and rich in minerals.

It brings out the flavor of the ingredients.

Selected domestic soybeans

Just as the taste of rice differs depending on the production area, there are various kinds of soybeans.

You can imagine the taste you want to make, such as rich protein, strong sweetness, rich taste, and no peculiar taste, and you can judge the combination every day.

Of course, all the soybeans are domestic.

We are very particular about the best soybeans of the season, selected domestic soybeans.

Sun-grown seawater bittern

The raw material is the nature of Izu Oshima.

The seawater flows into the salt field and is concentrated by the sun and wind.

After that, it is carefully cooked in a pot and separated from salt to make “seawater bittern”.

‘There is a difference in taste.’ with bittern extracted by ion exchange membrane and tofu solidified by artificial coagulant

You will want to convey the deliciousness of the tofu that is thoroughly made with natural seawater bittern.

Exquisite tofu made with carefully selected ingredients.

A delicious tofu dish is made using this.

Gentle dish

The owner strives to serve dishes with a gentle taste that makes use of the flavor of the ingredients.

We want our customers to enjoy additive-free and safe meals that do not use chemical seasonings.

For dessert, it is made to be gentle to the body without using white sugar.

Providing courteous dishes

Only 1 -2 groups are available at night by reservation only.

The owner wants to make and serve the dishes more carefully, so the dinner is only available by reservation up to 2 groups.

On weekdays, you can make a reservation on the day if it is available.

You can enter up to 2 groups on the day you don’t have a reservation, so when you enter 1 ~ 2 groups first, you are done entering that day.


I will introduce delicious tofu dishes that are gentle to your body.

Tofu sandwich

10 types in total

Different types of orders are available depending on the time of day.

You can order all kinds in the evening.

・B.L.T. & T. Tofu Sandwich

Additive-free bacon makes the juiciness stand out.

・Tofu sandwich with soybean and corned beef

The additive-free corned beef with black pepper is addictive.

・Vietnamese Tofu Sandwich

Additive-free bacon and omelet are perfect for sweet chili sauce.

・Tofu sandwich with fox meat & egg

Japanese style deep-fried tofu, mushrooms and fried egg with butter and soy sauce

・Large Teriyaki Ganmo Sandwich *

Sandwich made for those who don’t like meat Teriyaki style of Our Shop ‘s special Ganmo!

・Tofu Sandwich with Soy Beans and Nuts *

The lumpy texture of soybeans and nuts is nice.

・Korean-Style Salad Tofu Sandwich *

The mildly sweet and salty miso is exquisite and popular.

・Genovese tofu sandwich

Harmony of tofu and basil sauce. Crispy soybean accentuates it.

・Healthy tofu sandwich with avocado salad *

Tofu and avocado go well together. This sandwich is popular among men and women of all ages.

・Tofu sandwich with pickled plum and herbs

The moderate sourness of the Kishu Nankoume plums goes well with the cheese and shiso leaves.

Tofu Dessert

White sugar is not used in the dishes and desserts, but instead, rice candy, amazake (sweet mild sake), sodaki sugar (raw sugar), maple syrup and beet sugar are used depending on the purpose.

You can eat desserts that are less stressful on your body.


・Tofu Hana

It is a Chinese medicinal tofu.

It is simmered slowly and slowly with ginger or cinnamon as the base.

For making beautiful skin to prevent cold and cold.

・Soy milk Cocoa tofu

Soy milk and organic coconut sugar go well with thick tofu.

We use unbleached coconut, so don’t worry.


・Tofu Cheese Cake

Uses 70% or more tofu, Hokkaido cream cheese, and organic eggs.

No white sugar or flour is used.

It brings out the flavor of tofu and gives a refreshing finish.

・baked chocolate okara cake

This is a healthy cake that doesn’t use eggs, dairy products, white sugar, or flour.

Slightly bitter taste for adults of burdock and cocoa.


All the soymilk used is additive-free soymilk with no ingredients.

The syrup used is all organic so you don’t have to worry.

(The milk for those who need coffee and tea is milk.)

Drink 500 yen 〜

・Homemade okara tea

・Ginger, cinnamon, tea

・Soy Milk Spice Chai

・Organic Coffee

・Black Bean Blend Coffee

・Soy milk latte

・Soy milk cappuccino

・Caramel Soy Milk Cappuccino

・Nuts chocolate soy milk cappuccino

・Additive-free soy milk

・Freiver soy milk

・Foam x 2 Soy milk matcha macchiato

・Foam × 2 Soy milk black bean macchiato

・Creamy soy milk


Lunch menu

Lunch Set 1270 yen ~

(No Reservation Required)

・Tofu sandwich set (1200 yen + tax)

・Gentle vegetable tofu rice set (1270 yen plus tax)

・Mustard filled tofu and tofu soybean curry rice set (1270 yen plus tax)

The lunch set comes with tofu, tofu soup with vegetable broth, and homemade okara.

If you order a lunch set, you can have a mini dessert (+ ¥280 + tax).

The mini dessert is Yakuzen Tofu Hana or Soy Milk Coco Tofu Hana.

You cannot make a reservation for a regular lunch set.

If you would like to make a reservation for lunch,

Lunch set + dessert + drink order required (Around 2350 yen per person)

Cafe menu

Cafe hours: 14: 30 -16: 00 (weekdays)   14: 30 -18: 00 (Weekends and holidays)

You can casually use it for drinks only.

If you miss your lunch, you can also have a meal.

・Drinks 500 yen ~

・Tofu Hana Set 950 yen ~

・Fresh Tofu Set 1050 yen ~

・Cake Set 1080 yen ~

・Tofu sandwich (With a drink) 1480 yen ~

・Vegi Rice Plate (With a drink) 1680 yen ~

Dinner menu

Night part [full reservation system]

Budget/1 person 2500 yen ~ 5000 yen

・Drinks 500 yen ~

・Alcohol 650 yen ~

・charge 380 yen

・Snacks 450 yen ~

・Tofu Sandwich 1180 yen ~

・Meals 1230 yen ~

・Chef’s choice 4200 yen

・Snacks menu 450 yen 〜

・Freshly made tofu

・Japanese-Style Pickled Domestic Soybeans

・Special deep-fried tofu

・Dashi Japanese Omelette

・Yuba tofu skin sashimi

・Tofu salad

・Pizza Tofu Salad

・Tofu Pickled in Miso

・Boiled tofu with deep-fried silken tofu served with vegetables

・Crispy grilled daiganmo and vegetables

tofu sandwich

<10 types in total> 1180 yen ~

・Dinner, 1230 yen〜

・Tofu and Tofu Dashi Curry Rice

No meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products

The point is the double use of fluffy tofu and grainy tofu.

This is the only curry with a pleasant texture made from soybeans, root vegetables, and cereals.

It is beautiful from the inside of the body with the taste of vegetable soup taken from the vegetable broth.

・Healthy tofu rice bowl

<No meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products>

This is a bowl where you can fully enjoy delicious tofu.

This is a soft, warm dish made of tofu and rice that go well together.

・Onion, Cartilage, and Mushroom Oyakodon Style

<No use of meat, fish, or dairy products/use of eggs>

This tamakotoji rice bowl is satisfying even without meat.

Fluffy and mild taste with vegetable broth and soy milk.

・Steamed Daiganmo and Vegetables on Rice with Thick Starchy Sauce

<No meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products>

You can make it healthy by steaming vegetables that are popular and have a tofu flavor. The mild medicinal ankake goes well with rice.

・Tofu and vegetable gratin style

<No meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products>

Even though it’s called gratin, it doesn’t use cheese, milk, whipped cream, or flour.

The white sauce made with vegetable broth and soy milk has a very mild taste.


・I was convinced that there are so many ways to enjoy soy products and it was a delicious restaurant.

・Recommended for people who want to enjoy soybeans and eat healthy meals!

・The ingredients of “Tofu sandwich” are voluminous. I think it’s the specialty of the restaurant. The combination of Japanese and Western styles is rare.

・The drained tofu is healthy but satisfying.

・There are 10 kinds of “Tofu sandwich”, and the taste differs depending on the time. I’m looking forward to it.

・There are a wide variety of dishes such as the western taste of corned beef, Vietnamese style, Korean style and Japanese style.

・White sugar and flour are not used at all, so it is recommended for those who are careful about their health.


Tofu room Dy’s

[business hours]

Lunch; Monday – Friday: 11:30-14:30

      Weekends: 11:30 -14:30

Tea time; Monday – Friday; 14;30-16:00

       Weekends; 14:30-18:00

Evening (Reservations required): 18: 30 -22: 00

*We’re closed on Thursday.



Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Sendagi 2 -48 -18 Caterina Sendagi 1F



当面の間の営業時間は下記の通りとさせていただきます 店内 11:30-16:00頃(ランチは14:30頃まで) *お食事系はランチ時間以内に売切れる場合が多いです 販売 11:30-19:00頃 ★なくなり次第早めに終了の場合あり★It may end early as soon as it runs out.


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