Rice-bowl in Japan(=Donburi: 丼ぶり): Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Sukiya


Beef-bowl costs less than ¥400 ($4) and will satisfy the stomach and mind.
Even if you don’t have time, you can eat it.
Such beef bowl is always on our side.

There are many chain stores that use the beef bowl as a signboard menu, but where is the most recommended?
Also, is there any difference in the ingredients and price of Gyudon?

This time, we tried to compare 3 different beef bowls stores.


Rice-bowl (=Doburi)

Rice-bowl (=Doburi) is a kind of fast food in Japan.

There are several types of Rice-bowl (=Doburi) such as:

  • Gyu-don: beef rice-bowl
  • Ten-don: tempura rice-bowl
  • Katsu-don: tonkatsu rice-bowl
  • Oyako-don: chicken and egg rice-bowl

You can eat Rice-bowl (=Doburi) at a reasonable price, ranging from $3–$10.

Where to eat?

You can eat Rice-bowl (=Doburi) everywhere in Japan.
The famous fast food stores are

  • Yoshinoya
  • Matsuya
  • Sukiya


The characteristics of the beef bowl (=Gyudon) in Yoshinoya are

  • Price: ¥380 (=$3.8)
  • Calorie: 669 kcal
  • Number of stores: 1,200

Speaking of the beef bowl, it is a Yoshinoya.
From its founding in 1958 to the present, it continues to fill the stomachs of consumers.

Yoshinoya was forced to suspend sales of the beef bowl when there was serious concern about mad cow disease all over the world, but Yoshinoya overcame the pinch with pork bowl and restored beef bowl again.

I am indebted to me again and again

 (from the homepage)

After all Yoshinoya’s beef bowl is delicious.
The color and taste of the soup are lighter compared to other companies’ beef bowls, but the smell is great.

At the moment the meat and onions are included in the mouth, the smell of the soup will spread.
The soup is sweet and not persistent.
Beef is moderately chewy.

“Sophisticated but simple” is exactly this.

Matsuya(松屋 )

Matsuya’s beef bowl is characterized by

  • Price: ¥320 ($3.2)
  • Calorie: 709kcal
  • Number of stores: 1,000

Matsuya has not only the beef bowl, but also has a set menu and children’s menu.
The set meal menu can be eaten for around 600 yen to 700 yen ($6-7), and vegetables are included; so the nutritional balance is good.

The price of the beef bowl is ¥ 320 ($3.2), which is ¥ 60 cheaper than Yoshinoya.

I think that Matsuya is the best for the cost performance and the variety of the menu.

 (from the homepage)

Matsuya beef rice served with soy sauce.
When beef bowl appears in front of you, you can feel the smell of soy sauce.
However, the taste of the soup is light.

Ingredients of onion are simmered until softened.
The balance between sweet onions and moderately chewy beef is also good.

You can also ask for large servings and extra-large servings.


Sukiya’s beef bowl is characterized by

  • Price: ¥350 ($3.5)
  • Calorie: 656kcal
  • Number of stores: 2,000

Sukiya went up to a popular chain store at once.
In fact, Sukiya has 2,000 stores, about twice as many as Yoshinoya.
When you come to Japan, you will see them very often.

The price of the beef bowl is at an average level, but the amount is finely divided from a mini to extra-large.
When it comes to extra-large beef bowl (¥730), it seems to be 1,163 kcal in one bowl.

(from the homepage)

The sweetness of the soup works well, even compared to the Yoshinoya.

Beef is a bit more firm than Yoshinoya, but that’s why I’m stuck with the place of origin.

The quality is managed with “SFC,” which is the Zensho Group’s own standard, and it seems that they are purchasing beef from the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.


Yoshinoya and Sukiya’s beef bowls can be said to be truly the taste of the royal road.

And, among the beef bowls introduced this time, Matsuya has a superior cost-performance.




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