Negishi Sasanoyuki Tofu Restaurant at Ueno, Tokyo | 根ぎし笹乃雪


I will introduce a restaurant where you can eat historical tofu dishes in Tokyo.
It is a tofu restaurant with a history of 320 years since establishment.

A restaurant with a history of inventing silken tofu.

There are various theories about the origin of tofu, but generally, it is said to have started from Liu An, king of Huainan, the grandson of Gaozu of Han in China in the second century B.C., and it was introduced to Japan along with Buddhism in Nara period.

After that, tofu in Japan developed to Japanese taste.

About 315 years ago, Chubei Tamaya, the first head of Sasanoyuki, who moved from Kyoto to Edo to accompany the Ueno Royal family (son of emperor Go-Sai), invented the silken tofu first in Edo.

And the beginning of this store was when they opened a tofu teahouse in Negishi, Tokyo.

It was the first silken tofu with a smooth texture in Edo (Tokyo).

Uenomiya liked their Shop ‘s tofu very much and was praised, so he named it ” Sasano Yuki” and named it the store’s name.

The signboard given at that time is still displayed in the store.

Specialty, historical tofu

The well water of Sasanoyuki takes several 100 years to collect the water vein that reaches from Musashino from 80 meters underground.

The tofu made with this natural water and high-quality, safe soybeans from Japan has been loved by many intellectuals and celebrities in Japan as it has a rich flavor and juicy flavor.

We continue to make traditional tofu using well water and bittern, following the original method.

The owner cares about the menu and the ingredients and has a baby and a child, and the mother can do as much as she can.

I try to cook with peace of mind.


Specialty Ankake Tofu

Their specialty is “Ankake tofu”, which has been sold since their establishment.

At the time of the establishment, Ankake tofu was the only product in business, but Edokko, who love new things, competed with Ankake Kinugoshi tofu for the first time and added many bowls.

When Mr. Uenomiya came to the restaurant, he was praised as being very delicious and told to bring two bowls from now on, so it is a custom to serve two bowls to customers.


Introduction of tofu dishes

*Raw Namasu  (800 yen tax included)

Please mix seasonal ingredients well with tofu and white vinegar and enjoy freshly made white vinegar dressing.

*Ankake tofu (500 yen tax included)

*Ankake soy sauce tofu (800 yen tax included)

Edo cuisine that makes use of the flavor of raw soy sauce. It contains chicken and shiitake mushrooms.

*Hiryu-zu (Hyozu 700 yen including tax)

Food made by mixing powdered uruchimai and glutinous rice (Rice cake) equally, kneading them with water, boiling them, and frying them in oil. Feel free to try the fluffy flying dragon head with silver bean paste.

*Sesame tofu (600 yen tax included)

Enjoy the smooth texture with yuzu miso.

*Yuba tofu skin, freeze-dried tofu (800 yen tax included)

Agemaki Yuba and Koya tofu are cooked carefully.

*Unsui (700 yen tax included)

Seven kinds of seasonal ingredients are steamed with soy milk.

*Fresh Sasanoyuki (700 yen tax included)

Chilled Tofu

*Uzumidofu (700 yen tax included)

Ochazuke, which is rice and tea, with tofu (rice with tea)


Course menu introduction

*Uguisu meal (2400 yen tax included)

Tuesday to Friday from 11:30 to 14 o’clock only

Small chilled tofu with ankake sauce, sesame tofu, hiruyuzu tofu, Uzumi tofu(Ochazuke (rice with tea)), dessert

*Asagao Gozen (3000 yen tax included) –

Namamori-namasu, Chilled tofu, ankake tofu,  sesame tofu, deep-fried dish, Unsui ,Uzumi-tofu (Ochazuke (rice with tea)),  Dessert

*Hatsune meal (3900 yen tax included)

Namamori Namasu, Chilled tofu,  ankake tofu, sesame tofu, deep-fried dish,  Unsui , seasonal dish, Uzumi tofu (Ochazuke (rice with tea)),  Dessert

*Kuretake no Sato (5600 yen tax included)

Appetizer, namamori namasu,  chilled tofu, ankake tofu, sesame tofu,  deep-fried dish, Unsui , seasonal dish, Uzumi tofu (Ochazuke (rice with tea)), dessert

*Negishi no Sato (6700 yen tax included)

Appetizer,  Namamori Namasu, Chilled tofu,  ankake tofu, sesame tofu, deep-fried dish,  Unsui , seasonal dish, Hiryu-zu, Uzumi tofu (Ochazuke (rice with tea)) , Dessert

*Shiki no Sato (7800 yen tax included)

Appetizer,  Namamori Namasu,   Chilled tofu, ankake tofu,  sesame tofu. deep-fried dish, Unsui, seasonal dish, Hiryu-zu, simmered dish (Tofu Skin & Koya Tofu), Uzumi tofu (Ochazuke (rice with tea)), Dessert


Variety of private rooms and restaurants

3 Small Japanese private rooms for up to -5 people

Private room with table seats for up to 8 people

Table seating up to 20 Private rooms

The large hall that can accommodate up to 40 -100 people has a variable stage that can be used for classical Japanese dance and Nou.


*It was really good to visit a traditional restaurant.

I hope the shop will continue to exist.

I would like to visit again.


*I kept the tradition.

I had a delicious tofu dish!


*Everything had an elegant and good taste, and I was able to have a meal slowly. Ankake tofu had a gentle taste and was superb.


*A restaurant with a history. It is also very healthy.


*I enjoyed the last ice cream without getting tired of it.


*The tofu is really smooth. If you can eat various kinds of tofu dishes and like tofu, you can go there at least once.


General information of Sasanoyuki

[business hours]

Tuesday to Sunday: 11: 30 ~ 20: 00

*We are closed on New Year’s holiday and Monday. If it is a national holiday, we are closed on the following Tuesday.


2 -15 -10 Negishi, Taito-Ku, Tokyo



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