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Uzukino is a restaurant in the studio that was established together.

Every weekend and holiday, you can enjoy carefully prepared Japanese side dishes such as tofu, tofu dishes, and yuba dishes.

Japanese side dishes are also sold at nearby Japanese side dishes stores.

Here, we will introduce you to the restaurant built in the workshop.

Special attention to Yuba

At Uzukino, they make their own Yuba.
And they make and sell Japanese side dishes using a lot of Yuba.

Yuba is especially important for women for beauty and health maintenance.
Their motto is to provide delicatessens that are delicious and enjoyable to eat.

At Uzukino, they have researched nostalgic flavors, side dishes and side dishes from all over Japan, and have created a variety of seasonal side dishes and boxed lunches that still retain their outstanding characteristics.

In addition, they are not only concerned with traditional ingredients but also challenge new varieties and foreign varieties to create Japanese food.
Without losing nutritious ingredients such as green and yellow vegetables, it is enjoyable to look at, and delicious to eat.

This is a new Japanese side dish from Uzukino.
I think you will encounter the taste of Yuba which you have never tasted before.

There are various kinds of yuba taken at the beginning has a refreshing taste, and as you take more and more, the yuba changes into a sweet and mellow one.

Enjoy the freshly made taste and enjoy the world of Yuba to your heart’s content.
The menu makes use of seasonal features.

How about feeling the new encounter of each seasonal ingredient, Yuba?

It’s rare and unique. You can also experience scooping Yuba.

You can enjoy tofu dishes with your five senses, starting with soy milk juice, comparing the different yuba, and making tofu in front of you with demonstrations.

There are various kinds of yuba, and the first one to be picked is refreshing, and the sweetness increases as you take it gradually.
You can also try to scoop the water yourself.

It is a unique way of enjoying that you can eat freshly made.


Uzukino Branch 3000 yen

Around 8 dishes (With dessert) + free refills on yuba and rice

*You can experience Yuba scooping!

The menu uses seasonal ingredients and changes every month.

Here is an example of a weekend menu. (April and October)

Menu for an April weekend

*Orange Soy Milk Juice

 Freshly made soy milk and freshly squeezed orange

*Comparing tastes of yuba

 Enjoy 3 kinds of “Plain yuba, sashimi yuba, scooped yuba” with 3 kinds of “Lemon rock salt, soy   sauce, olive oil & tamari soy sauce” condiments.

It is said that the sweetness increases gradually.

*Pufferfish Soup

The contents are mugwort tofu, Ainame kuzu, windbreak, and mushrooms.

*”Experience of scooping yuba”

This Yuba is “All-you-can-eat” which you can have as much as you like.

After putting it on a plate, please grate the Himalayan rock salt and sprinkle it.

*Spring Vegetable Salad

The contents are bracken (bracken), Kogomi, Yamadokkatsu (Yamaudo), Urui, Fuki (FUKI), Benishindaikon, purple onion, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato, red-leaf lettuce, namafu, and firefly squid.

Pour paprika dressing on this.

*Freshly made tofu

Add “bittern” to the soy milk mentioned in the explanation and make it on the spot with freshly made tofu.

*Nama-fu dengaku (fresh gluten cake)

*”Empty bean rice” “Red miso soup” “Salted kelp boiled in soy sauce”


There is strained bean paste (Kosian) inside the wheat gluten.

*Warabimochi (bracken starch dumplings dipped in roasted soybean flour)

Freshly made bracken-starch dumpling kneaded on the spot with bracken starch.

It is served after coating it with plenty of soybean flour.


*October menu for a weekend

  • * Grapes with Soy Milk Juice
  • *Yuba tofu skin, 3 varieties
  • *Fresh yuba, sashimi yuba, plain yuba
  • *Experience of skimming yuba
  • *Sake-steamed Sea Bream Soup
  • *Mushroom and yellowtail salad
  • *Freshly made tofu
  • *Fresh Tofu Skin with Miso Sauce
  • *Pacific Saury Rice
  • *Fumanjyu and Warabimochi
  • *Coffee


*Impressive taste. You can really feel the depth and deliciousness of tofu and yuba.


*It is located in a quiet residential area and has a calm atmosphere. It’s a restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere that will appeal to foreigners.


*Since each dish is explained in detail, you can understand why and how the food is served and enjoy it carefully.


*The menu changes every month, and the contents of the dishes make me feel the sense of the season, so I would like to enjoy the seasonal dishes if possible.


*Yuba is sweet and delicious! This is the real taste. I can’t wait to go scooping by myself.


*It’s hard to get a chance to taste the warm, sweet, freshly made tofu (Rather, it feels like you are eating the beans themselves.), so there’s an exclamation at each table.


*I am often impressed that tofu is such nutritious food.


*Delicious and cost-effective!



Japanese Cuisine Uzukino Main Store

[business hours]

Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (Twice a day)

1 9: 00 -11; 00

2 12: 00 -14; 00


Tokyo, Adachi-Ku, Senju Higashi 2 -2 -1


*Reservation phone number (Phone reservation only)


*Reservation time

Weekdays 11: 00 ~ 16: 00

Please select your preferred date and time from the list below.

Business days/Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays only

①9: 00 ~ 11: 00

②12: 00 ~ 14: 00


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