Tonkatsu(とんかつ)and Tonkatsu Restaurants in Japan


Tonkatsu is also a favorite Japanese food.
Recently, there are many chain stores of Tonkatsu in Japan, and today I introduce the most famous Tonkatsu stores.

  • What is Tonkatsu?
  • Tonkatsu restaurants

What is Tonkatsu?

Tonkatsu is deep-fried pork cutlets.
Tonkatsu restaurants offer deep-fried fillets and pork-loin cutlets, all at reasonable prices.

  • deep-fried fillets = Hire (ひれ)
  • pork-loin cutlets = Rosu (ロース)

Generally speaking, tonkatsu is not so expensive, ranging from 10–20 USD.

What goes best with tonkatsu?

Most Japanese people typically use

  • Mustard
  • Salt
  • Lemon
  • Tonkatsu sauce

to eat tonkatsu. These condiments are typically provided by the restaurants, and you can choose them.

Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants

Tonkatsu’s chain stores in Japan have been able to offer low-priced tonkatsu by reducing the cost through increases the number of stores.
It’s not only cheap, but it’s very delicious that you can eat crispily fried pork cutlet with a special source in the store.

Each chain store is acquiring customers with its own service.
I introduce the price and popular menu of Tonkatsu chain store in Japan.

Tonkatsu Wako(とんかつ和幸)

Wako is one of the most popular Tonkatsu restaurants in Japan.

Tonkatsu Wako is well-known tonkatsu chain stores that have begun replacing rice, cabbage and miso soup for free.
In addition, you can feel the stuffiness of raw materials such as pork, vegetable oil to be fried, rice and cabbage.

Tonkatsu Wako also has a strong commitment not only to the original sauce for tonkatsu but also to dressing on cabbage and other vegetables.

A popular menu of Tonkatsu Wako is offered at a low price of ¥ 1080 (=$10) for a single bite hired cutlet rice (Hitokuchi Hire Katsu Gohan(一口ひれかつご飯).

 (from the homepage)

In addition, Hirekatsu Gohan (ひれかつご飯)is delicious and juicy with crispy tonkatsu at a price of  ¥1300 ($13).

(from the homepage)


Shinjuku Saboten (新宿さぼてん)

Shinjuku Saboten is a chain store operated by Greenhouse Foods Inc.
Shinjuku Saboten Delica also sells tonkatsu and katsu-sand at department stores and stores in the stations.

It is still popular as a long-established tonkatsu chain store with 40 years of establishment.

The popular menus are

  • “Teiban Katsu Gozen (定番かつ御膳)” available at \1680 ($17)
  • “Kenbiton Rosu Katu Gozen(健美豚ロース)” available at \1480 ($15)

(image from the homepage)

Shinjuku Saboten is also popular as takeout-only fins and sands.
You can find these at department stores and in the station buildings, such as Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Kitasenju, etc.


Katsu Retsu An (勝烈庵)

Katsu Retsu An (勝烈庵) is an extremely famous tonkatsu chain store in Yokohama city. All citizens in Yokohama know the stores.

Even if it is a chain store, it develops only four stores mainly in Yokohama.
So when you have an opportunity to visit Yokohama, I recommend you to go to Katsu Retsu An to eat Tonkatsu.

Katsu Retsu An has the very delicious special sauce made by simmering vegetables and fruits for 2 days and by letting it for 1 day.

The popular menu is a “Hire Katsu Katsu Retsu Teishoku(ひれかつ勝烈定食) at a price of ¥ 1,600 ($16).
It is delicious when served with special sauce and fresh cabbage.

(image from the homepage)

If you order a set meal (Teishoku: 定食), rice and cabbage are free.



We introduced the chain stores of Tonkatsu.

You can enjoy tonkatsu like fast food in Wako.
Alternatively, you can also eat high-quality tonkatsu in Katsu Retsu Ann.

There is even a kids’ menu and there is also a tonkatsu chain store that can be used casually by families with children.

Why not compare your taste and decide your number one choice?



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