6 recommended takeout sandwiches & burgers Haneda Airport


There are various restaurants and souvenir shops in Haneda Airport.

Among lunch boxes and takeout meals, the sandwich-type is

It is popular because you can enjoy it easily.

I will introduce the recommended sandwiches and burgers you can buy at Haneda Airport.




1 Jiyugaoka Burger Cheeseburger

A hamburger shop “Jiyugaoka Burger.” in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, which uses lots of organic and domestic buns, pates and fillings, and is particular about the ingredients.

It is gentle on the body, but the taste that will impress even burger lovers is fascinating. 

At Haneda Airport Terminal 2, you can enjoy such free gaze burger.


The most popular one in this store is this cheeseburger which seems to melt away. 

They start making burgers after receiving orders, so it takes time, but the result is wonderful. The patty is made from 100% domestic beef, and the minced meat is chewy and filling, and the juicy meat juice is served freshly. Nutmeg and spices are also very effective.


The buns are the original of the Jiyugaoka Burger and they are particular about not using eggs and dairy products. The thickly cut onion is from Awaji and is cooked well and chewy and has a strong flavor. Even though it has a presence, it is an exquisite balance that is not too assertive. We are also very particular about organic ketchup and mayonnaise.

In addition to the burger, there are (¥450 without tax) “Organic French Fries” that has a gritty presence as a side dish, and “Chili Cheese Potatoes” (¥650 without tax) that has chili sauce on top of it. We would like to recommend these items that you can taste different from other stores.

It will be wrapped tightly in a special bag, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking when you carry it on the plane. It’s luxurious to be able to enjoy authentic burgers as empty lunch on the plane.


Store information (Passenger Terminal 2/ANA side only)

*Store name: Jiyugaoka Burger

*Address: 3F, Terminal 2 Gate 3 -2 -4 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo

*Telephone: +81-3-6459-9313

*Opening hours: 8: 00 ~ 20: 00 L.O. 19: 30

*Official HP: http://jiyugaokaburger.com/concept.html

Amanoya   Egg Sandwich

Amanoya was born in Osaka and now has a shop in Azabu Juban, Tokyo.

You can also get it at Haneda Airport.

The thick omelet made with Kansai-style broth is sandwiched with fluffy bread with mildly flavored mustard.

When you eat one bite, the broth that was used a lot will gradually overflow and the fluffy egg will melt in your mouth.

The mustard and mayonnaise serve as accents, and the taste is unstoppable, so even women can eat it up quickly.


It is very popular and sometimes sold out when you go to the store around 14 o’clock, so you need to be careful when you buy it.

There are some stores in the security inspection area of Terminal 2 “ANA FESTA”, so please look for them if they are sold out.


Store information (Passenger Terminal 1/JAL side)

*Store Name: PIER1

*Address: Haneda Airport 3 -2 -3, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Passenger Terminal 2 F

*Telephone: +81-3-5757-8131

*Hours: 5: 45 ~ 20: 30

*Official HP: http://amano-ya.jp/



Store information (Passenger Terminal 2/ANA side)

*Name of store: ANA FESTA arrival lobby gift shop (arrival lobby floor)

*Address: Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Passenger Terminal 1 F

*Telephone: +81-3-5539-9000

*Hours: 8: 30 ~ 22: 30

*Official HP: http://amano-ya.jp/



*Name of store: ANA FESTA Gate Food Shop # 60/# 59 (In the safety inspection area)

*Address: 2nd floor, Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota Ward, Tokyo

*Telephone: +81-3-5539-9000

*Opening hours: 6: 00 ~ 20: 00


3 ANA’s Delicious Collection

Delicious ANA collection created by ANA Catering Service, which provides ANA in-flight meals.

It is a sandwich that uses the bread offered in ANA’s first-class or business class and is popular in the shop now.

The company is using its in-flight meal know-how, which takes a long time to produce and serve, to make the most of its technology to make it taste even when it’s cold.


They have three kinds, focaccia sandwich, focaccia sandwich, and croissant sandwich. 

The croissant sandwich is the best seller.

The technology of in-flight meal is utilized, so croissants are plump without heating, and the flavor of butter is very rich.

It is such a powerful item that stores like to buy and take home.

The recommended way of eating is to take out the ingredients once, toast only the croissant, and re-stuff the ingredients.

Then, the croissant will be filled with the smell of butter, and the outside will be crunchy and the inside will be moist with butter.

The shops in the security check are often sold out in the afternoon, so ANA FESTA on the arrival lobby floor is the best place to buy.

Store information (Passenger Terminal 2/ANA side only)

*Name of store: ANA FESTA Baslounge Food Shop (arrival lobby floor)

*Address: Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Passenger Terminal 1 F

*Telephone: +81-3-5539-9000

*Hours: 6: 00 ~ 19: 30

*Official HP: https://www.ana.co.jp/ana_news/2016/10/17/20161017-1.html


*Name of store: ANA FESTA Gate Food Shop 60 (In the safety inspection area)

*Address: 2nd floor, Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota Ward, Tokyo

*Telephone: +81-3-5539-9000

*Opening hours: 6: 00 ~ 20: 00

*Official HP: https://www.ana.co.jp/ana_news/2016/10/17/20161017-1.html


4. Mansei pork   cutlet sandwich

This Mankatsu sandwich made by Mansei of meat is popular among business travelers who are used to traveling.

Compact, easy to grasp by hand and easy to eat, no worries about losing shape when carrying.

This is a product that has a long history of meat, high name recognition, and stable taste, so there are many repeat customers.


The bread is fluffy and soft enough to touch the cutlet with one finger.

When you put it in your mouth, the fluffy texture of the bread and the firm texture of the meat are well-balanced and addictive.

The taste of the sauce is well absorbed in the bread crumbs, and the seasoning is stronger than it looks.

It is small and compact, but the volume is outstanding, and it has a feeling of fullness for women when they eat a box.


It’s good to eat it on the plane, but I recommend you to reheat it in a toaster at home, and the bread will be crispy and the sauce will spread softly and it will taste much better.




Store information (Passenger Terminal 1/JAL side)

*Store Name: Lunch Box

*Address: Haneda Airport 3 -2 -3, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Passenger Terminal 2 F

*Telephone: +81-3-5757-8882

*Opening hours: 6: 00 ~ 20: 00



Store information (Passenger Terminal 2/ANA side)


*Address: 2nd floor, Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota Ward, Tokyo

*Phone: 5: 30 ~ 20: 00

*Hours: +81-3-6428-8583

*Official URL: http://www.niku-mansei.com/contents/02sand/02sand_07haneda.html

5 Sembikiya Main Store Fruit Sandwich

This is a fruit sandwich from “Sembikiya Main Store”, a long-established store that sells fruit.

With plenty of Sembikiya’s high-class fruits inside, it is sandwiched with fresh cream that is not too sweet and has a nice texture. This is a dish that conveys its deliciousness from the look.

The bread is fluffy, fluffy and chewy.

I can’t help but think that bread alone is delicious.

The filling contains a lot of fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, pineapples, and papayas.

You can enjoy the flavor and texture of each fruit when you put it in your mouth, and it goes well with smooth cream.

The fruit cut that is not too assertive is like eating an elegant cake.

The size and volume are perfect for women, and the cream is not too heavy and you can enjoy it till the end.

Even people who don’t have a sweet tooth can enjoy this sandwich, and it is a very popular souvenir for home parties.


There is Sembikiya main store in the terminal 1 of Haneda Airport and the terminal of JAL, but please be aware that the handling of this sandwich and the popular fresh juice stand are only in the terminal 2 of Haneda Airport and the terminal of ANA.

Also, it is often sold out, so I recommend you to buy it as soon as possible.


Store information (Passenger Terminal 2/ANA side only)

*Name of store: 1000 Hikiya Sohonten

*Address: B1F, Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota-ku, Tokyo

*Telephone: +81-3-6428-8704

*Opening hours: 8: 00 ~ 20: 00

*Official HP: http://www.sembikiya.co.jp/

6 Café Nenrinya Baumkuchen Sandwich

The puffy and moist Baumkuchen that is made with more than twice the amount of time of the regular Baumkuchen is the specialty store “The Nenrin family.”.

There are various lineups, and they are very popular as souvenirs and gifts because of their various cuts, and even airport staff buy them as souvenirs.

The Nenrinya’s only Baumkuchen Cafe is located in the security inspection area of Terminal 2 of domestic flights.

At Cafe Nenrin-ya, there is also an eat-in space where you can enjoy Nenrin-ya’s Baumkuchen that has been warmed up (Ala carte ¥540/tax included) “Hot Baumkuchen”, etc.

The most popular item on the menu is “Baumkuchen sandwich”.


This sandwich has 3 kinds of ingredients, beef, shrimp, avocado, and egg.

It feels a little strange to sandwich salty ingredients with Baumkuchen, but the Baumkuchen used in this sandwich is a special low-sweet Baumkuchen made just for this product.

The slightly sweet Baumkuchen goes well with the surprisingly salty ingredients. The combination of the moist and soft Baumkuchen that melts in your mouth and the texture of the ingredients is exquisite and the taste is addictive.

This is a very rare cafe Nenrin-ya that can only be eaten at the departure gate just before boarding the airplane, which has passed the security inspection area only at Terminal 2.

The souvenir shop attached to this shop is the biggest one in Haneda Airport, so it has the largest selection of products.

There are many items that you cannot buy at the departure lobby, so those who use Terminal 2 should see them.


Store information (Terminal 2/ANA side only)

*Store Name: CAFÉ Nenrin-ya

*Address: 2nd floor, Haneda Airport 3 -4, Ota Ward, Tokyo

*Telephone: +81-3-6428-8710

*Opening hours: 6: 00 ~ 20: 00

*Official HP: http://www.nenrinya.jp/cafe/



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