Tofu Kawakaze (川風), Asakusa, Tokyo


Store Profile

It is a hideout “Asakusa Hamasei Shitamachi Kaiseki Tofu Kawakaze” in front of a lookout on the back of the Kannon that is not very popular for Asakusa sightseeing.

It is a restaurant specializing in tofu dishes, which is famous for fresh Kumiage Yuba.

The delicious tofu made with carefully selected soybeans and carefully selected water from Chichibu.

The Japanese cuisine made with seasonal ingredients makes this restaurant popular among a wide range of generations.

Perfect for families.


Specially Selected Cold Tofu

The specialty is the “Specially Selected Cold Tofu”, which is made using carefully selected domestic soybeans and the source water of Chichibu.

Tofu made with plain running water of Chichibu has a distinct sweetness and richness of soybeans and goes well with Japanese sake.

First of all, we would like you to enjoy the original taste and texture of tofu by eating it without adding any soy sauce.

This is our specialty dish where you can enjoy the original flavor of tofu.

Other Tofu Dishes

Kumi-yuba tofu is a fun dish that you can make your own yuba.

As the trained craftsmen show their skills, you can feel the stylish work of each dish.

Recommended menu

Weekend lunch set menu

For Saturday and Sunday lunch, you can enjoy a set menu centered on “Specially Selected Cold Tofu” and Yuba don.

How about a healthy tofu lunch this weekend?

Specially Selected Yuba Rice Bowl (1200 yen plus tax)

Yuba rice bowl, small side, miso soup, pickles


Hanamidori set (1500 yen plus tax)

Specially selected zaru tofu, Hanamidori teriyaki, rice, miso soup, pickles

Kawakaze Zen (2000 yen plus tax)

Specially selected zaru tofu, sashimi salad, deep-fried dish, rice, miso soup, pickles


Kawafkaze Zen Hana (3000 yen plus tax)

Special select zaru tofu, sashimi (Tuna and raw yuba), grilled dish, deep-fried tofu,

Rice, miso soup, pickles, ice cream


Kumi yuba course (3000 yen plus tax)

※Note: orders from 2 & up

Sashimi salad, Yuba tofu skin, deep-fried dish, rice, miso soup, dessert

Recommended Tofu Course

Full course of tofu (4000 yen)

Yam sea urchin tofu, fresh yuba and seasonal sashimi, premium zaru-tofu, 1 tofu dish of your choice,

Deep-fried dish, rice, sweet

Kawakaze Course (3800 yen)

Starter, sashimi, salad, special zaru-tofu or kumi-yuba,

Grilled dish, fried dish, rice, dessert

*We accept orders for kumiyuba and tofu from 2 people.

*Recommended Kaiseki course (Reservations required)

Kototoi Course (5400 yen)

Starter, seasonal sashimi (Assorted 3 items), zaru-tofu or kumi-yuba tofu dumpling, seasonal grilled dish, deep-fried dish, rice, dessert

Sanja Course (7560 yen)

Starter, seasonal sashimi (Assorted 4 items), zaru-tofu or kumi-yuba tofu,

Seasonal grilled dish, queen crab boiled in salt (Or beef shabu-shabu salad), rice, dessert


In addition to the above, you can enjoy a variety of a la carte dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

Also, you can arrange a course which can be used for various banquets such as a celebration dinner party, a Buddhist memorial service, and meeting according to your budget.


Private rooms are available according to the number of guests.

When you go down the stairs from the entrance, you will find a calm space with a lot of keyaki and pine trees, emphasizing “The presence of trees” which expresses the beauty of the material.

A private room is also available for you to enjoy it slowly.

Among them, pay attention to the private room for 2 people.

There is a water tank in your room.

You must make a reservation for this room where you can eat gracefully while looking at the fish in the big tank.

It is a comfortable Japanese set-up shop.

Private room with fish tank (For 2 people)

There is a horigotatsu style private room with a water tank.

It can be used by two people.

Private room (3 -12 people)

There are 3 types of private rooms according to the number of people.

Restaurants other than private rooms

It is a horigotatsu style table and there is a legless chair so you can relax.


*Meals are perfect! It’s delicious.

(If I dare to say, the amount is large.)

The atmosphere of the restaurant is a little bit old and nice.

I definitely recommend it.


*I came here to entertain my friend from America.

Other than the course, I ordered the famous “Yuba tofu skin”.

I think the meaning of coming to this restaurant is to come to eat this.

I had a very healthy meal with delicious sake and had a fun dinner.


*The building you enter from the storehouse has a very elegant atmosphere and you can enjoy your meal.

The staff was attentive.

Tofu is light and not too heavy, it doesn’t fall apart and goes well with salt!

I recommend lunch!


*Ideal for tofu marinated in miso and sake.

The private room for 2 people with a fish tank is stylish.

The interior is clean. It seems to be suitable for a wide range from date to entertainment.


*The spacious interior has a high ceiling and I really like it. I enjoyed all the tofu dishes.



Tofu Kawakaze


11 34, Asakusa 3 chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo



[business hours]

Sat, Sun, holidays 11: 30 ~ 14: 30

Tuesday to Sunday Dinner 17: 00 ~ 22: 00

*We’re closed on Mondays.


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