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Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Instagram: "Team Trump dinner on night two in Japan!"
11K likes, 198 comments - sarahhuckabeesanders on May 26, 2019: "Team Trump dinner on night two in Japan!".

Recently, Donald Trump and his team visited Japan.
We have noticed that Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, who is an American campaign manager and political adviser who serves as the White House Press Secretary under President Donald Trump, went to a Japanese style pub in Tokyo.
By researching where she went, probably it was Jack Pot Ebisu.


It has been in operation in Ebisu for more than 20 years “Jack Pot Ebisu”.
It is a restaurant where you can casually enjoy various creative dishes such as oysters, meat, vegetables, and wine.

It is a 4-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station.
There are long counter seats that can be used by one person, table seats that can accommodate parties of 2 or more people, and semi-private rooms that are convenient for small parties.

You can enjoy a variety of drinks such as the popular “The best lemon sour”, and easily enjoy meals and alcohol.
They have various dishes like the popular raw oyster and the standard menu “Shrimp and mayonnaise” and “Cream stew of mushrooms” that hasn’t changed since they opened.

Try the meat dishes like the chef’s “Low-temperature roasted beef hanging tender” and “Lambchop”.

Special 5 points

Special 1 Original creative dishes. All the recommended creative dishes!

They have also maintained our menu for 20 years since our establishment.

Shrimp mayonnaise, mushroom cream stew, red wine stew of Yezo deer, garlic rice and so on have been very popular.

As for the meat, the low-temperature roast of the beef hanger and lamb chops are very popular as two-top.

There are many people who want to eat all of them and decide to go home next time.

*[Red wine stew with Yezo deer 1200 yen]

There are lots of Ezo deer in the thick texture.

And mashed potatoes on the bottom.

Enjoy the melting mashed potatoes with the red wine stew.

*[Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts 850 yen]

The Chinese! The chicken is so tender and delicious that it’s just the right size for the ingredients.

It also contains plenty of cashew nuts.


Special 2 vegetables delivered directly from the farm. A lot of carefully selected vegetables

We are very particular about using jackpots delivered directly from the production area for real taste.

We get vegetables from contracted farmers in Komae and Mitaka.

Please enjoy fresh Tokyo vegetables made with reduced agricultural chemicals.

*The recommended menu item is “Steamed chicken and coriander with Chinese style sauce for 750 yen.

Among vegetables and herbs, coriander has the best detoxification power, and other health benefits such as anti-aging effect, stomachic effect, appetite enhancement, intestinal function, hangover prevention, mild migraine, and tonic.

Special 3  raw oysters. The best oysters in this season are carefully selected.

Oysters from Our Shop come in through our own route every day.

Try the raw oyster that we serve with confidence because it is a jackpot that knows the best oysters now.

You can enjoy fresh oysters every season.

Other than raw oysters, there are various oyster dishes such as fried oysters and grilled oysters.

All over Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu. At that time, delicious oysters from Hokkaido, Mie, Hyogo, Nagasaki, etc. arrived one after another! We carefully select the best oysters we have.

*Oysters roasted with garlic butter

How about the nutritious plan with vegetables and oysters?

Special 4 rentals available

You can use it for farewell and welcome parties, drinking parties, weddings, and wedding after-parties.

If you contact us in advance, we will do our best.

The entrance seats are non-smoking and the other seats are smoking seats.

The counter seats are designed to be comfortable, so you can see them cooking in front of you. Enjoy delicious food and sake.

We also have a party space that can accommodate up to 40 people. Video and audio facilities are also available! We would like to respond to your request as much as possible.

As for the price, we will do everything we can.

You can relax in the popular semi-private room.

Special 5 Value Service Set Plan also available

It is 3900 yen (Tax included), comes with 7 dishes and all-you-can-drink, so it is a perfect plan for girls’ parties or company banquets, but 2 people are OK.

If you don’t like oysters, try the oyster free plan.

After 21 o’clock, the 3000 yen (Tax included) plan with 4 dishes and all-you-can-drink is a good deal.

Please make a reservation by 23 o’clock the day before.


*[Oyster included plan ¥3900]

7 items of raw ham and salami, Chinese cabbage caesar salad, oysters grilled with garlic butter 2 pieces, oysters fried 2 pieces, mussels grilled with oyster rice, anchovy potatoes, pasta + all-you-can-drink (Wine, sour, beer, highball, shochu, plum wine, cocktail). You can eat three types of oysters: grilled oysters, fried oysters, and steamed oysters.



Here is the menu.

*The price is before tax.

Oysters, appetizers, vegetables

*Today’s delicious raw oyster

We have assorted delicious oysters of the day.

You can order 4 pieces, 6 pieces, 8 pieces, and 10 pieces depending on the number of people and how many you want to eat. * Please check the place of production and contents at the shop on the day.

4 pieces 1840 yen

6 pieces for 2720 yen

8 pieces for 3600 yen

10 pieces for 4500 yen


*Grilled oyster, oyster with butter flavor 2 for 700 yen

*Grilled oyster, sea urchin and butter flavor 2 for 700 yen

*Grilled oyster standard 2 pieces 660 yen

*Deep fried oysters 4 pieces 700 yen


*Carpaccio with seasonal fish of the day.

Please check the price and contents at the store on the day.

This is a dish that took some time.

The photo shows flounder carpaccio with kumquat flavored sauce.


*White liver brulee ¥650

This is the chef’s specialty. It has no peculiarity, so even people who don’t like liver can eat it.


*Raisins and Fig Creamy Cheese 650 yen

Spread it on the bread and enjoy.


*Homemade smoked ham potato salad 650 yen

*Chef’s assorted appetizers ¥950

The chef will prepare the appetizer of the day.


*Beef hanging tender steak salad ¥880

used balsamic dressing.


*Tuna and avocado salad 780 yen large 1200 yen

The tuna marinated in the special sauce goes well with the special wasabi dressing.


*Aona Irodori Sauteed 650 yen

I fried seasonal vegetables in Chinese style.


*Ratatouille 600 yen

Tomato stew with plenty of vegetables


Popular, standard


*Shrimp and mayonnaise 950 yen

I used a special orange mayonnaise sauce.


*Mushroom Cream Stew 950 yen

Dip it in the bread and enjoy. It is especially popular among foreign tourists.


*Anchovy French fries 600 yen

No. 1 in popularity!! This is a popular item that most of our customer’s order.


*Homemade Smoked Matured Black Pork Ham 750 yen

*Loving fried gyoza dumplings 6 pieces 600 yen

*The chef’s recommended quiche. Okonomiyaki style 650 yen (Limited to 5 servings a day)

*Sauteed water spinach and pork 800 yen

*Fried chicken with Yurinchi sauce ¥780

*Shrimp and celery stir-fried with salt for 900 yen.


Main dish, snack, rice


*Springram Chopstick 1600 yen

*Low temperature roasted beef hanging tender 1500 yen

*Oven-baked tuna gill area 1350 yen

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to bake.

*Cream cheese with salted kelp 380 yen.

*Crushed Cucumber 380 yen

*Mashed potatoes  600yen

*Chilled tomato 350 yen

*Namul with cabbage and salted kelp 380 yen.

*Assorted world cheese 1000 yen

*Marinated homemade olives and dried tomatoes 500 yen

*French fries 600 yen

*Spaghetti with plenty of fresh sea urchin 1400 yen, large 1800 yen

This is a popular standard menu. It’s been on the menu for over 20 years. We use sea urchin generously.

*Spaghetti with beef sinew ragu 1200 yen, large 1600 yen

*Oysters in garlic rice 900yen

*Roasted pork and green onion fried rice  850 yen.


Banquet/course menu


The course meal can be reserved for 2 people or more.

The courses that are very popular at the farewell and welcome parties are “Course with oysters” where you can enjoy oyster dishes and “Jack Pot Ebisu Course” where you can enjoy popular dishes.

All-you-can-drink (2-hour clock) is included in the course meal.

Please feel free to consult us about other party plans that suit your budget and the number of people.


Oyster course 8 dishes ¥3300

You can enjoy oysters in various ways.

Enjoy delicious sake and delicious oysters.


Course contents (8 dishes)

*Bagna cauda with seasonal vegetables

*Grilled oyster [Ponzu sauce gelee]

*Grilled oyster [Sea urchin and butter]

*Oyster gratin with shell

*Anchovy French fries

*Our famous Kankan-yaki

*Pasta to finish off your meal with Kankanyaki’s delicious soup stock

*Refreshing Lemon Glass Bite-Sized Sherbet


Oyster course 7 dishes 2900 yen

It is a plan that you can enjoy 3 types of oyster, fry, and steam.

The chef’s recommended dishes that change depending on the season is one of the things to look forward to.

[Course Contents] 7 dishes

*Prosciutto & salami assortment

*Chef’s recommended salad

*Oysters roasted with garlic butter 2 pieces

*Deep fried oysters 2pcs

*Grilled mussels and oysters

*Anchovy Potatoes

*Chef’s special pasta


Jack Pot Ebisu Course 8 dishes ¥3300

Try this course if you don’t like oysters. This course has a lot of fun with the chef’s special meat dishes, the very popular shrimp mayo, and seasonal vegetables. Enjoy delicious food while drinking delicious sake.

Course contents (8 dishes)

*Crab and avocado dip

*Bagna cauda with seasonal vegetables

*Prawns in mayonnaise sauce – very popular!

*Our famous Kankan-yaki

*Anchovy French fries

*Beef Hanging Tender Roast

*Pasta to finish off your meal with Kankanyaki’s delicious soup stock

*Refreshing Lemon Glass Bite-Sized Sherbet


Jack Pot Ebisu Course – 7 dishes – 2900 yen

This course has a lot of fun with the chef’s special meat dishes, the very popular shrimp mayo, and seasonal vegetables. Enjoy delicious food while drinking delicious sake.

[Course Contents] 7 dishes

*Prosciutto & salami assortment

*Chef’s recommended salad

*Hot Boiled Gyoza Dumplings

*Our famous shrimp and mayonnaise

*Chef’s special meat

*Anchovy Potatoes

*Chef’s pasta


They have a wide variety of drinks regardless of the genre of alcohol.

The wine is red and white, sparkling.

They have not only sour and beer, but also shochu and Japanese sake.

There are about 60 kinds of cocktails and sangria that are good for women.


There is an all-you-can-drink plan for customers who ordered a course meal. (1500 yen)

*All You Can Drink Course Menu 1500 yen (Only courses are available.)

[Beer] Sapporo Yebisu medium bottle

[Whiskey] Jim Beam Highball

[Sour] Lemon sour, grapefruit sour, unrefined plum wine

[Cocktails] Cassis, Campari, lychee and peach

[Shochu] Kuro Kirishima, Hitotsubu no Mugi, Oolong hai, Namacha hai

[Wine] Spumante Lambrusco Castro Legio Borgo San Leobianco Inzolia 1.5 Litre straight out of the bottle

[Soft drinks] Orange, grapefruit, oolong tea, fresh tea



*Oysters without fishy smell, rich and easy to eat.


*It is a luxurious restaurant where you can enjoy both oysters and meat. The handwritten signboard is very cute and soothing. There are a variety of menus, so you don’t have to worry even if you have different tastes.


*It is a creamy raw oyster. It was a little expensive but delicious.


*You can eat various vegetables. Bagna cauda was sweet and delicious.


*It is close to Ebisu station, and the inside of the restaurant has a common atmosphere. Raw oysters were delicious, but the cream-cooked mushrooms were superb for me. The wine is not so expensive and you can eat oysters easily.


*The oysters are so mild and tasty that even those who don’t like oysters can eat them!


*A delicious restaurant that has been open for a long time.I ate it with French bread made with creamed mushrooms from the forest. It was very delicious.


*Delicious! If you want to enjoy oysters at a reasonable price at around Ebisu, I recommend this restaurant.


*There are various ways to eat oysters and you can enjoy it.

*Great lamb chops. Friendly service. English menu.


*Crazy good oyster and lamb dishes!


Jack Pot Ebisu| Information


【business hours】

Monday to Friday 17: 00 ~ 24: 00 (L.O. 23: 00)

Sat 16: 00 ~ 24: 00 (L.O. 23: 00)

Sun 15: 00 ~ 24: 00 (L.O. 23: 00)


We are open every day * We are closed during the New Year holidays.




1 -2 -13 Sunki Building 1F, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

【Credit Card】


【Access Information】

3 minutes walk from the west exit of JR Ebisu Station

A 3-minute walk from Ebisu Station on the Hibiya Subway Line

【Smoking cessation and smoking information】

Separate Smoking Areas (Smoking: 55 seats, Non-smoking: 14 seats)



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