Sashimi (刺身) , Tempura (天麩羅), and Kaiseki(懐石)

  • Sashimi
  • Tempura
  • Kaiseki

are also traditional Japanese foods, like Sushi.
Today, I will introduce these kinds of Japanese foods.

What is Sashimi?

Sashimi is thinly sliced raw seafood and is arranged attractively on one plate.
Most Japanese people eat sashimi by dripping it on soy sauce mixed with grated wasabi.

Any recommendations for what to drink with sashimi?
I recommend you to drink Japanese sake with sashimi.



Tempura is deep-fried seafood (fish or shrimp) and vegetables that have been coated with a batter made from flow and eggs.
To make good tempura, the freshest ingredients are deep-fried until they are just fully cooked, but not overcooked.

  • How to eat tempura?

When you eat tempura, you can dip each piece into a dipping sauce called tentsuyu(天つゆ), which is made from fish broth, soy sauce and mirin (rice vinegar).



Kaiseki is a formal type of Japanese cuisine and is generally served in traditional Japanese restaurants as a full-course menu.

Although it depends on the restaurants, you may choose different price levels and what you eat from the list of meals.
For example, you may eat sashimi and tempura, etc.

Kaiseki is one of the expensive types of Japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki puts a great emphasis on seasonal ingredients and garnishes, so you can enjoy seasonal variations and elegant presentation of the meals.


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