Bento (弁当) and its recommendation in Tokyo station


A Bento (弁当 ) is a boxed lunch.
At lunch or dinner time, many stores offer beautifully arranged dishes in a lunch box.

The famous example is Ekiben (駅弁).
Ekiben (駅弁) is a bento box that is sold in the stations, and they usually consist of local specialty dishes.
You can buy Ekiben at the stations of Shinkansen (Super-express) and eat them in the trains.

I will present the several bento boxes recommended in Tokyo Station.


Gyuniku Domannaka (牛肉どまん中)


It is a lunch box that you can buy at a store in the Tokyo station, called “Matsuri (祭)”.
This lunch is a Yamagata prefecture’s lunch that was developed in line with the opening of the Yamagata Shinkansen.

At first, this bento was sold in Yamagata Prefecture, and then the taste gradually spread by rumor, finally making it a big hit in Tokyo,

The bento is very simple, consisting of beef and white rice.
It is simple, but very delicious, so many people are satisfied.


Iberian Pig Bento (イベリコ豚弁当)


It is one of the most popular lunch boxes available for buying at Eashion in the Tokyo Station.
“Eashion” is a combination of English “eat” and English “fashion”.
As the name of the bento suggests, the menu of the lunchbox is fashionable and delicious for the Spanish “Iberian pig”,

It is a simple lunch box where the Iberian pork seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce is placed on the rice. Melting meat is the best, even if it is cold, fat is not persistent, and the seasoning with dark eyes matches well with rice.

In addition, rolled eggs are delicious again and produce a refreshing feeling after eating meat. There is no other combination of this kind of stock rolled egg in a lunch box with meat.

Aji no Oshizushi (= Press sushi with horse mackerel (鯵の押寿し))


You can buy this bento at “Matsuri (祭 )” at the Tokyo station.
This bento was released in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1913 and is a very historic bento.

Horse mackerel is a popular fish for sushi.
But, this boxed lunch is press sushi using horse mackerel.

Since pressing sushi is a time-consuming food, making it a boxed lunch is a daunting task.
It is a price of 1250 yen, but I am satisfied that you can get delicious sushi made over time.

It is “Ofunaken” in Kanagawa Prefecture that manufactures this Bento.
The Ofunaken manufactures a wide variety of press sushi, but this is the most popular product.

A delicious horse mackerel with a moderate amount of fat goes well with the rice and is excellent.
If you try it, you will surely understand the reasons for its popularity.



So far, we have introduced popular lunch boxes you can buy at Tokyo Station.
There are a great variety of lunch boxes available at Tokyo Station.

You can also buy various lunches and enjoy the taste of the area.



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