Best Calbee Jagariko (Jagarico) from Japan | Snacks & Appetizers [Review]


Do you know Jagariko snacks?

It is a famous and popular Japanese snack.
The product is made of steamed and seasoned potatoes.
It is made into a stick and after drying, fried in oil; then, put it in a cup-like container.

It is also very popular with the Japanese people.

In addition to regular products, it is popular among children and younger people by selling various flavors as limited products.

The stick type in a cup makes it easy to eat and it t can be easily shared with family and friends.
So far, more than 100 flavors of Jagariko have been released in Japan.

Currently, there are four types of regular flavors and those sold in limited areas, for a limited time, and for souvenirs.
This regular item is 4 types. These include a salad, cheese, potatoes butter, Tarako butter.(seasoned cod roe)
There are already 103 types of discontinued products, and new products are being released one after another.


Salad taste

It is a standard popular potato flavored taste.
Sticky potato and colorful vegetables are in it and it looks beautiful.

It is made by steamed potatoes, carrots and parsley.
It is a simple-flavored salty salad with a light-tasting flavor that allows you to taste the flavor of the ingredients.
Just because it’s a simple taste, it’s great to arrange.

About the product

  • The most popular potato stick snacks in Japan
  • Crispy
  • Net Wt. 2.11oz
  • Product of Japan


・If you love potato chips, French fries, and potato products, and snacks, you gotta try this. Even this says Salad (anything Japanese “Salad” taste) does not taste like what you think but Greater taste than what you think Jagriko is very crunchy and so good taste. I highly recommend if you are bored with generic American Chips and snacks!

・These snacks are lovely and the seller is the awesome !!! Very fresh product but does take a couple of weeks because it’s coming from Japan. LOVE THEM !!!!

・    I have been eating Jagoriko for a long time! Absolutely love this potato chips! Best snack in the afternoon! I will definitely order it again!

Cheese taste

It is one of the standard products.

It is made by putting two kinds of chaired cheese and camembert cheese.
It tastes like cheese in your mouth as it bites, it’s a rich taste.

Those who like wine say that the unique smell of cheese taste is good for wine.
Not only children but also adults have many fans.


・It is easy to eat with a simple cheese taste.

・The taste of cheese is not too strong and it is easy for children to eat.

Potato butter taste

There is no doubt that it’s a combination like butter if you say potato.
Since the salt is mixed with butter, it is characterized by a moderate salty taste that complements the buttery texture.

It’s a simple but thick taste, so just add hot water to the cup and it will make a delicious mashed potato.

It is a product with many hidden fans.
Moderate salty taste is delicious with a buttery texture.

It is a product that you can taste the potato flavor well.


・I like potato butter taste most.

This buttery feeling is good, it is good with saltiness, and it matches with mochi. It is a genius who put this out to the world

・    My daughter was really into all things Japanese snacks this year. These are actually pretty good. Taste much like crunchy french fries.


Tarako butter flavor

“Tarako” means seasoned cod row and it is a popular taste for Japanese.
This product is made with Tarako and butter.

It is a product that was originally sold for a limited time, but it has been promoted to a standard product in response to many voices saying “I want to eat again!”.


・This flavor and butter are delicious and delicious.

・It is delicious. It’s like eating pasta.

・It tastes and tastes together and eats it at ease

Calbee potatoes Riko cod roe butter

Kyushu soy sauce flavor

You can enjoy the combined taste of Kyushu soy sauce, which is characterized by its unique flavor and sweetness, and the taste of chicken.


・    Kyushu’s unique soy sauce taste is delicious!

[Calbee regional limited Jagariko] Kyushu Soy sauce flavor 52 g x 12 pieces [Japan Import]

Yuzu pepper

You can enjoy the yuzu pepper flavor, which has a fluffy yuzu flavor and the pungent green pepper taste.


・The taste of pepper is firm and it is delicious combined with the acidity of Yuzu.

・ It is the best for snacks of liquor.

Market limited] Calbee Jagariko Yuzu pepper flavor L size 68g × 12 boxes [Japan Import] by Calbee

Mentai Cheese Monja (Tokyo)

It’s the taste of Mentaiko, cheese, and  Monjayaki.

“Mentai” means spicy seasoned cod roe.

 Monjayaki is a Tokyo version Okonomiyaki, which is similar to pankakes.
You can imagine that monjayaki is a watery version of okonomiyaki. But it’s not tasteless. Actually, It’s delicious despite the appearance.

The sweetness of cabbage is mixed with the deliciousness of Mentaiko and cheese, and in addition to the flavor of  Monjayaki, you can enjoy the crispy and crispy texture at the same time as Jagariko

You can see three kinds of ingredients such as mentaiko, cheese and cabbage and it looks delicious.


・As the after taste of soy sauce with the habit of fish sauce is behind, it is fond of it here.

・If you are not good at oyster sauce or soy sauce, it will not suit you.

・It is worthwhile to try Monjayaki.

Nozawana konbu

A popular product when you can enjoy the flavor of Shinshu’s specialty “Nozawana konbu”.

Nozawana is Japanese pickled vegetables, especially in Shinshu area.
Konbu is a seasoned seaweeds.

If you eat a bite, just sour taste of Nozawana.
After that, the taste of the kelp soup comes in.

The package like a gift with a ribbon is also pretty.


・Salty and delicious

・Japanese style salty taste

Shinshu limited potatoes Riko Nozawana kelp [Parallel import]

Sea urchin

You can eat Jagariko with dip sauce of sea urchin taste.

However, there is no sea urchin in the body of the Jagariko, sea urchin is in dip sauce.


・The dipping sauce is the sea urchin itself and is very delicious.

・ The sea urchin dip sauce is dark. The Jagariko itself is light.

[Hokkaido · Tohoku limited] Calbee Jagariko Luxury Sea urchin Gunkan flavor Jagariko x 4packs Dip sauce x 4 packs [Japan Import]

Kanto seaweed stock


You can enjoy the Kanto-style seaweeds and soup stock flavor, which is made up of bonito flavor and bonito and soy sauce.


・First of all, the flavor of green seaweed, then the flavor of bonito and soup will be concentrated.

・Taste like Japanese-style soup. I would like to eat it with rice.

・    Seaweeds flavor is so good. It is recommended Jagariko.

[Calbee regional limited Jagariko] Kanto Seaweed soup stock flavor 52 g x 12 pieces [Japan Import]


Takoyaki taste

Kansai-limited Takoyaki Taste.

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan.

The taste is mixed with the sauce and mayonnaise.


・The Mayonnaise flavor is accented with the sauce taste and becomes addicted.

・A taste that reminds you of Takoyaki, it becomes addictive.

・It was delicious!

Kansai limited JagaRiko octopus [Sosumayo flavor] [Parallel import]


Green onion salt taste


It is a product that you can feel plenty of green onions.
The smell of green onion and the taste of sesame oil and garlic are delicious.

By kneading the green onion into the potato, the taste is further enhanced.


・It has a taste similar to grilled meat with green onion salt.

・The flavor of green onion spreads slightly and the taste of meat.

・The taste of green onion salt is very delicious.

Calbee potatoes Rikonegi salt Who 52gX12 cup


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