Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Afternoon Tea


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo is located in Nihonbashi, the center of Tokyo and close to sightseeing spots.

You can spend an elegant time in modern space.

It is popular to enjoy high-quality afternoon tea.

I would like to introduce afternoon tea of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo.


Location and Atmosphere

Modern space

Oriental Lounge on the 38th floor

The Mandarin Oriental traditional afternoon tea loved by guests from around the world can be enjoyed in the Oriental Lounge on the 38th floor, the top floor of the hotel.

The beautiful space decorated with the best luxury, the afternoon time is an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, and when the candle lights up, you can enjoy a dramatic night as a lounge in the sky shining at night.

It is a chic space where you can feel dignity, and you can spend time with the important person and flowing gracefully.

Legendary Afternoon Tea

The characteristic of afternoon tea here is that It is to incorporate fresh ideas while keeping the traditional style.

There are points.

The 3 tiered stands

Served in a classic three-tiered afternoon tea stand.

The savory and petit fur that are beautifully arranged on the 3 tiered stands change with the season and are made to be perfect for the season.

The reputable savory

Savory is salty food.

Savories are offered in small sizes, but they are all “a finished dish” flavors.

You can enjoy complex taste configurations packed tightly to the point where you can’t imagine a small size.

Every time you eat it, you will hear delicious, and you will feel fresh joy with all the savory.

The size is small, but the deliciousness is impressive and it is a wonderful savory.

Refillable scones

You can refill scones.

Freshly baked scones are crispy but It melts in your mouth.

It’s so delicious that I can eat many.

Each petit four is unique, but the whole is well balanced

They are savory, petit fours, and small finger food, all of which are delicious and have a beautiful appearance.

It is suitable for the theme, and the balance of the harmonious taste and satisfaction when you eat everything is wonderful.

You can feel the chef’s special “aesthetics of taste”.

The high-quality hospitality and the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel where adults can relax further enhance the delicious food and sweets.

Afternoon Tea Menu

There are weekday menu and weekend menu.

Also, there are regular afternoon tea and an afternoon tea with champagne.

Weekday menu

*Legendary Afternoon Tea 4800 yen (Taxes and service charges not included)

Favorite tea and coffee

Sandwiches and savory


Petit four

*With champagne, Legendary Afternoon Tea 6700 yen (Taxes and service charges not included)

A glass of champagne is included in the above menu.

Weekend Menu

*Golden Fan Afternoon Tea 5100 yen (Taxes and service charges not included)

Favorite tea and coffee

Sandwiches and savory


Petit four

*Golden fan afternoon tea with champagne 7000 yen (Taxes and service charges not included)

The above mentioned Golden Afternoon Tea menu includes a glass of champagne.

The menu changes every season.

The following is an example of a menu from July 2019.

The theme is premium mango.

*Legendary Afternoon Tea “Premium mango”

July 1 – July 31

For the afternoon tea in July, they offer premium afternoon tea with generous use of mango for all savory and petit fours.

<Sandwich & Savory>

Spiny lobster, mango, and green peas

Smoked salmon and fresh mango coconut sable

Mango Chutney Sandwich with Mango, Cucumber, and Mozzarella

Jelly mango mayonnaise with crab and paprika

Fresh fish tartar mango jelly, avocado, finger lime

<Two Scones>

Lemon scone, Goda & Granapadano cheese scone

Clotted cream, mango jam, lemon card

<Petrieshev’s Proud Petit Fools>

Mango Tart Tropegenne

Mango and jasmine mousse

Mango passion fruit and banana jelly

Mango cream puff

Mango Pound Cake

Mango pudding

You can enjoy about 20 kinds of drinks in free flow for 90 minutes.

*Seat usage is limited to two hours *

Mandarin Oriental Blend

exotic orchards



White Sangria

Earl Grey


rose hip

Orange chocolate

Royal milk tea


Mandarin Oriental

blended coffee

Cafe Latte


decaffeinated coffee


Herb blend


Hawaiian Cocktail

Happy Day

Fruit Garden

Reviews from the customers

*As a whole, the food, sweets, and drinks are well balanced, and everything including the service is high level.

This place is perfect for “I want to enjoy afternoon tea as a reward!”.


*The view from the lounge is good and the atmosphere is very good, so I often use it.

I was very satisfied to have sparkling and tea with delicious sweets in a rich atmosphere.

As for the time slot, it was really wonderful to have a meal while looking at the changing scenery from noon to night.


*The afternoon tea was very delicious, and I was very impressed by the taste of the tea.

I was happy that I could enjoy many kinds of cups.

The pleasant service was soothing and comfortable.


*I think it will be a good choice because you will definitely be satisfied when you invite someone here.


*The menu that fully incorporates the sense of the season looks beautiful and tastes great.

The balance of savory and sweets is great and you won’t get tired of it.


*Drinks were free for refills, but one cup was delicious without compromise.

They recommended me to have more scones, and the time was perfect.


*It was very delicious. I was happy to have another scone.

They came to ask for the next drink right before they ran out of drinks, and their consideration was great. It was a window seat, so the view was good.



Mandarin Oriental Tokyo: Oriental Lounge

[business hours]

Afternoon tea 12: 00 ~ 18; 00 (Last Order 16; 00)


+ 81 -3 -3270 -8188




2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo 38 F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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