11 recommended souvenirs limited to Haneda Airport


Haneda Airport, which has a variety of famous products from all over Japan, is divided into three terminals, the first passenger terminal, the second passenger terminal, and the international terminal. 

Each terminal has a variety of souvenir shops.

They have a wide variety of souvenirs from limited items at Haneda Airport to famous Tokyo confectioneries, popular sweets, and specialties from all over Japan.


I will introduce 11 recommended souvenirs that are limited to Haneda Airport.

1 Kakitane Kitchen  Kakitane Haneda Limited Box

Kakitane Haneda Exclusive BOX: 14 bags for 864 yen (Tax included)

Kakitane Kitchen is a persimmon seed specialty store that is popular for its variety of flavors and cute packages.

Kakitane Haneda Limited Box is a Haneda Airport-limited product which is a combination of the limited flavor Monjayaki and 4 popular flavors.

The box package has a cute design inspired by an airplane.

When you open the box, each one is wrapped in a tetra shaped wrapping.

It’s perfect for sharing flavors with others or as a souvenir for many friends.


In front of Gate C of Tokyo Shokuhinkan on the 2nd floor of Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal 1



2 Mameya Kanezawa Mankyu Kin Kasutera Hikouki ( gold-plated airplane)

Kin Kasutera Hikouki (gold-plated airplane): 1,620 yen (Tax included)

It was born in the town of gold leaf Kanazawa Kin-kasutera.

It is made by a skilled craftsman sticking a piece of extremely thin gold leaf onto a moist sponge cake.

A gold-plated airplane is a playful gold spatula shaped like an airplane with a unique method.

It is a product limited to Haneda Airport, and it is appreciated in various situations such as homecoming souvenirs and Tokyo souvenirs.


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 2 2nd Floor Tokyo Shokuhinkan Clock Tower 1st Front



3 Karl Uheim  Honichy-affelbaum

Honich Affelbaum: 1,728 yen (Tax included)

Karl Uheim is a Baumkuchen specialty store named after Karl Uheim, the founder of Uheim and a German confectionery meister.

Honichy-affelbaum is a round Baumkuchen containing a whole apple and is a product limited to Haneda Airport.

This is a unique Baum that uses plenty of honey in the dough and has a crispy apple compote inside.

It looks cute and round, and will surely be a good souvenir.


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 2nd Floor Special Confectionery Museum 




4  Pierre Marcolini  Marcolini Madeleine

 Marcolini Madeleine: 1,598 yen for 6 (Tax included)

Royal Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini.

It is a world-famous chocolate brand that captivates chocolate fans all over the world by transforming cacao produced in different places into the best couverture using creative techniques.

The Madeleine Chocolate that has been popular as a limited item at Haneda Airport is now available again in a cute heart shape.

You can enjoy 2 kinds of flavors. Chocolate which is cacao dough with the citrus flavor of orange and lemon and taste of burnt butter, and Boursare which is lightly salted butter dough baked softly.


Haneda Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal 2, Tokyo Shokuhinkan, in front of Clock Tower 3



5 Mitsumoto coffee Tsubasa Monaka and Knatsuzumi 

Tsubasa Monaka 6 pieces: 1,080 yen (Tax included), Tsuzumi Kasane 6 pieces: 1,080 yen (Tax included)

Tsubasa Monaka and Kana Tsuzumi are original sweets that Haneda Airport collaborated with the 60-year-old roster “Mitsumoto Coffee” in Yokohama.

The Mitsumoto coffee beans from all over the world go well with Japanese sweets.

“Tsubasa Monaka” is a monaka using non-glutinous rice from Omi, mixed with unique blend coffee powder, and filled with gyuhi and tsubuan.

“Kana Tsuzumi” is dorayaki with fresh tsubuan filling in dough kneaded with Brazilian blend.

Both of them are new Japanese sweets where you can enjoy the elegant aroma of the coffee, and it will make coffee lovers happy!


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 F PIER 1, PIER 4, Terminal 2 F Tokyo Shokuhinkan Clock Tower 3 Front, SMILE TOKYO



6.  Kano Shojuan  Hanegumo

Hanegumo  5 pieces 1,080 yen (Tax included) 

Kano Shojuan is a popular Japanese sweets shop with its main store in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

Hanegumo is half-moon dorayaki with cute Japanese clouds on the surface.

This is a new texture Dorayaki with a fluffy and chewy texture inspired by clouds and filled with homemade tsubu-an.

It is a product limited to Haneda Airport, and the elegant package is also attractive.


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1, 2F Tokusen Wagashi Kan, Terminal 2, Tokyo 

Shokuhinkan, 1 Front of Clock Tower, Tokyo Shokuhinkan, 3 Front of Clock Tower, SMILE TOKYO, Terminal 3, 4F Edo Shokuhinkan (Jidaikan)



7 ARINCO  Haneda Roll

Haneda Roll 1650 yen (Tax included)

ARINCO is a roll cake specialty store that makes roll cakes with unique flavors that match the region.

Haneda Roll is a product limited to Haneda Airport made with the image of pure white clouds floating in the blue sky.

It is made by wrapping a sour cream-flavored cream and orange peel in a chewy dough and pouring a thick white sauce on it.

The refreshing sourness of the orange peel accentuates the taste and makes the aftertaste refreshing!

The package is also stylish, so it will surely be appreciated as a gift.


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 2nd Floor BLUE SKY Gate Shop 7, Gate 9 Shop, Gate 22 Shop, Gate 15 Shop, Gate 14 Shop



8 Kamakura Goro-honten Kamakura caramel Hangetsu( Half moon)

Kamakura caramel Hangetsu: 6 sheets 648 yen (Tax included), 10 sheets1,080 yen (tax included)

Famous sweets representing Kamakura Kamakura Hangetsu.

Kamakura caramel  Hangetsu is a limited product at Haneda Airport that uses caramel for both the rice cracker dough and cream.

Smooth caramel cream sandwiched between domestic caramel powder and crushed roasted almonds.

The exquisite taste of spicy nuts and caramel.

The elegant package with the image of Kamakura, the ancient city of flowers, will make a great gift!


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 2nd Floor Special Wagashi Hall, Terminal 2 Floor Tokyo Shokuhinkan Clock Tower 3rd Front



9 Tokyo Banana World   Honey and Banana Flavor

Tokyo Banana  Honey banana flavor   4 pieces 560 yen (Tax included), 8 pieces 1,080 yen  (Tax included)


The honey banana flavor is a product made based on the image of “Baby bear honey shipment from Haneda Airport” and limited to Haneda Airport.

The sponge dough with a cute baby bear and a honey pot is filled with honey flavored banana custard cream.

A new product that just went on sale on April 26, 2019.


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 F Special Confectionery Museum, Pier 5, CAPTAINS `MARKET, Pier 7, Terminal 2 F Tokyo Shokuhinkan, in front of Clock Tower 3, SMILE TOKYO, Terminal 3 4F Edo Shokuhinkan (Tiat), TIAT (Jidaikan), etc.



10 Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Assorted cookies

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is a store that is popular for its sweets that use carefully selected milk and cheese. 

Assorted cookies is a product that contains 2 kinds of cookies, Salt & Camembert Cookies and Honey & Gorgonzola Lucky, which are very popular as souvenirs from Tokyo.

The 30 pack includes a new item, “Porcini & Gouda Cookies” and comes in a special Haneda airport-limited package with red and blue airplanes, making it a perfect souvenir for your hometown or Tokyo.

Assorted cookies: 20 pieces for 1965yen (Tax included)


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 2nd Floor Special Confectionery Hall, Terminal 2 Floor Tokyo Shokuhinkan Clock Tower 3 Front



11  Sugar butter tree  Sugar butter sandwich tree milky cheese chocolate

Sugar butter sandwich tree milky cheese chocolate:  4 pieces 648 yen (Tax included)


Sugar butter sandwich tree milky cheese chocolate is a new product limited to Haneda Airport, sandwiched with special cheese chocolate.

Chopped cheese chocolate is sandwiched so that it sticks out from the cereal dough as if the wings were spread out.

The rich cheddar cheese chocolate mixed with white chocolate goes well with the fragrant butter cereal dough!

The package has a cute design with various kinds of cheese on it, making it a perfect souvenir for those who love cheese.


Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 2nd Floor Special Confectionery Hall, Terminal 2 Floor Tokyo Shokuhinkan Clock Tower No. 3 Front, etc. 



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