Best 10 Compact Digital Camera that are popular in Japan [Review]


Most compact digital cameras are made by Japanese companies such as Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Canon, etc.
In general, Japanese people are slightly finicky when they select and buy compact digital cameras because they have so many options.
Knowing the trends in the Japanese market for a digital camera may help you select but it.

This post explains the recommendation based on the ranking of the compact digital cameras!
I compared cameras by different production makers such as Canon and Nikon by considering waterproof, wide-angle and telephoto functions.
Generally speaking, when the price goes up, the image quality becomes higher and there are more functions.
Let’s purchase a camera by thinking about the scene and situation in which you use.


A variety of compact digital cameras in the Market. What is the comparison point?

There are so many compact digital cameras from various manufacturers.
Most cameras are easy to carry around, and the quality of the image is improving.

There are many people who are troubled by too many types but let’s look at the points to compare the different cameras.


If you want to use it in fields such as the sea, mountains, or outdoors, you can use it with greater emphasis on waterproofness.
Famous models include the Olympus STYLUS TG-870 Tough. Not only waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant, but it is also a very robust camera.

Wide angle

The smaller the focal length (○ mm) is, the wider the angle is. It will be easier to shoot the entire subject even if you shoot the subject nearby.
When you want to shoot a big thing, or when you want to shoot wide scenery, the smaller focal length may be better.

High magnification and telephoto function

The longer the focal length (○ mm), the longer the distance the camera can capture.
For example, if you want to shoot athletes from the distant place, I would recommend cameras with longer focal length with telephoto function.

High resolution

If you want to focus on high quality, first check the size of the image sensor (the part that makes the image with the light coming from the lens). The larger the size, the better the image quality and the higher the price the cameras have.

Is it possible to take a selfie?

Modern compact digital cameras can take a selfie by turning over the screen.
This function is recommended for people who go out to various places alone or those who want to shoot with friends together.

Wifi compatible

With the wifi function, you can immediately transfer photos taken with a compact digital camera to your smartphone. Recommended for people who want to share photos with someone immediately, and those who want to upload to SNS soon

Canon G7x Mark II


A compact digital camera with a good balance of size, weight, and function. It is excellent to capture detailed images with a bright 4x zoom.
It is a compact digital camera that I want to recommend to a wide range of users who want to take pictures of a starry sky or take photos with blur effects easily as well.

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

A 960 mm equivalent super telephoto compact digital camera equipped with an optical 40x zoom. You can take pictures of distant subjects well. Don’t miss the moment you want to shoot with the function that supports the fast autofocus function.

Canon PowerShot G9 X

A compact digital camera that condenses the functions of an F2.0 lens and a 1.0-type large CMOS sensor into a thin and lightweight body of 30.8 mm and about 209 g. It is possible to express the details clearly with the depiction power that does not seem to be a compact digital camera.

Nikon COOLPIX B700

The world’s smallest and lightest class compact digital camera equipped with an optical 60x zoom. While covering a wide angle of view from wide-angle 24mm to super-telephoto 1440mm, 1cm macro photography is also possible.
Don’t miss the decisive moment with fast autofocus and short shooting time lag.

Nikon COOLPIX S7000

Thin and a lightweight compact digital camera equipped with a 20x optical zoom lens. The distant ones are also beautifully captured and high quality. A lightweight compact digital camera can be carried around with you without taking care of your luggage from everyday life to mountain walking.

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100

It is a palm-sized compact digital camera equipped with a 1.0-type sensor and an F1.8 lens.
Image quality is also good at blurred images, it is a cost-effective digital camera that is still popular from the beginning of sales.

Olympus STYLUS TG-4 Tough

It is a compact digital camera that can be photographed in high quality with confidence in dustproof, impact resistant, load bearing, low temperature resistant and any hard scenes with water depth of 15m. Features such as underwater mode, microscope mode, high precision GPS function, etc. are active in the outdoors.

Panasonic Lumix TZ85

With 4K photos, the camera can capture 30 seconds of continuous shooting at the same speed for a long time to take decisive moments.
Thus, you can capture moments that could not be captured until now using a compact digital camera.

It is also equipped with a function to select the focus point after shooting.
Thus, this compact digital camera can reduce the failure and shoot the moment you want to capture.

Casio EX-ZR1000WE

A compact digital camera that can take a picture easily while looking at the screen on a 180-degree tilt monitor.
The wide-angle lens allows you to shoot wide scenery with your friends, so it will fit nicely on the screen with the background.
As well as suppressing camera shake, it is equipped with Selfie Art mode for taking more cute pictures, and it is the best compact digital camera for taking a selfie.


The compact digital camera does not miss the moment you want to shoot with the quickest autofocus by 0.1 seconds.
We can catch scenery as we saw with the lens of wide-angle 18.5mm, which could be said as “close to the naked eye”.
The LCD monitor has a 180-degree tilt system that allows you to take a picture while watching the monitor.



The compact digital cameras can be used during mountain climbing, for a snow scene and a starry sky, etc.
Think about what kind of scene you want to take and choose it, as compact digital cameras also have different functions individuality!


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