Top 5: MUJI’s Stationary Products that You need to Buy


This post explains the top 5 stationary by MUJI.

There are so many students who love MUJI’s pens, notebooks and so on.
When I was a student, I also used MUJI’s pens, notebooks, and colored pencils.

MUJI’s goods are always easy to use and reasonable for students to buy.

MUJI Handy Shredder

This product is very simple and compact.
Although the size and the number of sheets that can be shredded are limited, it is perfect for those who frequently throw them away.

We can not see the progress of cutting papers when we use an electric shredder.
But, using this product, we can see their processes, which is so fun.

Also, unlike the electric shredder, there is no risk of your hands getting caught, so it’s safe.


MUJI’s ruler

At first glance it’s plain, but it’s an excellent ruler.
You can use both sides, and it is easy to see the white letters on the black.

If I were a student now, I would have used it …

MUJI 60 Colored Pencils in Tube

This product has 60 colored pens with < $30. So, it is a really reasonable price.

Actually, this product is one of the most popular MUJI goods in Japan, and many students and parents buy this.



MUJI Acrylic Tape Dispenser

Personally, I like this crunchy design ♡
There is no sense of presence because it is transparent, and it is not noticeable even if it is out on the desk.

This product can be used for cellophane tape and masking tape.
If you put only frequently used masking tapes in this, you don’t have to feel stressed when you cut it!!

MUJI Stapleless Stapler

I still remember that I felt really impressed by this product when I bought it.
This stapler is stapleless and you don’t have to buy staples.

Also, it is easy to use and has a better feeling or familiarity with our hands.


These are my best 5 stationary products by MUJI.
I think that most Japanese people love these.

As MUJI produces so many new products, I will continue on trying every new product very soon.



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