Best Takoyaki maker for your home


Have you ever wanted to eat homemade Takoyaki at home?
If you have a Takoyaki maker, you can make it whenever you want to eat your favorite Takoyaki.

There are many types of Takoyaki maker; therefore, you can choose the one that suits your preference.
I know that there are some important points of choosing your preferred Takoyaki maker.


Select the type.

  • tabletop electricity
  • tabletop gas

Tabletop electric type


If you just want to make Takoyaki, you can easily prepare the machine by simply plugging the outlet.
It is also perfect when you want to bake over time carefully one by one while selecting ingredients with your friends or children.


It takes a longer time to make Takoyaki than when you use a tabletop gas type.

Tabletop gas type


The firepower is strong and evenly baked immediately.

Recommended type for those who want to make a classic Takoyaki


Not suitable for families with small children because they use fire


Select the plate  (hole size, number of holes)

There is a lot of variety of Takoyaki plate.

You can choose the size and number of holes.

When eating with a large number of people, it is good to choose a type with many holes, which can make more Takoyaki at the same time compared with the one with fewer holes.

If you want to eat large Takoyaki even with a small number of people, I think it is good to choose a plate with a large hole.


Takoyaki Maker that you should buy

We introduce a recommended Takoyaki maker.

TAKOYAKI Octopus Dumpling Maker 18-Balls Color White from Japan by Muse

It is easy to use and is compact.
It is attractive because it can be placed vertically when stored.

Because it can be purchased at a reasonable price, it is also popular for those who buy the Takoyaki machine for the first time.
The double fluorine processing is easy to clean because it is not burnt.

Electric Takoyaki Pan Pancake de Suzanne Lefebvre24moldes by YAMAZEN

It’s reasonable and easy to clean.

For those who are looking for a simple Takoyaki machine, the attraction of Yamazen Takoyaki is its reasonable price.

The whole plate can be removed, so it’s good to be easy for you to clean it up.

It has two good points; these are the reasonable price and easy to care, Its just an ideal product for the beginners.

Iwatani Cassette gas takoyaki device Super ENTAKO CB-ETK-1 by Iwatani

It is a cassette stove-type Takoyaki maker developed with the concept of “everyone can enjoy delicious Takoyaki making”.

Because it is baked at once with high power unlike the electric type, you can easily make a juicy Takoyaki at home with a crispy and fragrant outside like a shop.

Of course, the plate is removable; so it is easy to clean.
As the recipe book is inclusive, various original recipes from side dishes to sweets are introduced.

Takoyaki, of course, is also recommended for those who want to enjoy the arranged recipe.

Japanese BIG TAKOYAKI Maker Cooking Plate from Japan by D-STYLIST by D-STYLIST

Have you ever wondered, “I want to eat a big Takoyaki like the world of manga …”
If you use the maker, your dream comes true.

You can make 2 big Takoyakis at a time.
Each size is 8.5 cm in diameter.

It seems fun to try making original Takoyaki by adding various ingredients as well as normal Takoyaki.

IRIS OHYAMA Takoyaki 2WAY plate Red ITY-20WA-R

It has two plates of a normal plate and a Takoyaki plate.
You can make Takoyaki and other dishes like a pancake with this maker.

As the power switch is one-touch, you can handle it easily.

Extra edition

There are the following types of fashionable multifunctional Takoyaki maker.

By changing the plate, you can be used in various applications such as Takoyaki, Teppanyaki, Pancake and casserole.


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