Review: Fujifilm XF10


A compact digital camera has appeared from Fujifilm!

I enjoy taking pictures while taking full advantage of Sony’s compact digital camera, mirrorless, and iPhone.

Finally, I put out my hands on Fujifilm cameras.
This is the first purchase to buy Fujifilm’s compact digital camera “FUJIFILM XF10”.

Why I bought a Fujifilm XF10?

I bought this camera mainly because of the reputation of Fujifilm’s photo color.
I like the compact digital camera since it is easy to carry.
For first-time buyers, this camera is not very expensive, but the quality is very high.


What kind of camera is Fujifilm XF10?

“FUJIFILM XF10” is equipped with an APS-C size sensor, which is the same large sensor as a mirrorless camera, although the lens of the compact digital camera cannot be replaced.
Effective pixel count is 24.24 million pixels.

The lens is equipped with a single focus lens with a focal length of 28 mm.

Even though a large-sized sensor is equipped, this camera is so compact:

  • Width: 112.5 mm
  • Height: 64.4 mm
  • Depth: 41.0 mm
  • Weight: 280 g

Advantage and Strength of Fujifilm XF10

So Compact

My first impression was a user-friendly camera.
The camera is so compact that you can put it in your pocket or bag and take a picture whenever you want.

A large APS-C sensor enable us to take beautiful pictures

It is easy to take a beautiful picture or blur the background without detailed settings because it is equipped with a large APS-C sensor.
Actually, XF10 and iPhone have the same focal length, 28mm. However, the background is blurred beautifully because XF10 has a larger sensor.

The camera captures light and color into the sensor through the lens and saves them as photo data. The larger the sensor, the high-quality image can be left and the stronger the blur can be expressed in a dark place.

Film Simulation Function

You can use a film simulation function.
You can change the tones of colors and impression using the function.

Disadvantage and Weakness of Fujifilm XF10

Autofocus is slow

When I started using Fujifilm XF10, I thought that autofocus is slightly slow, compared with other digital cameras.
So we need to wait seconds before taking pictures.

Other negative points

  • An LCD screen is fixed
  • Finder is not installed

Who should Buy Fujifilm XF10?

Fujifilm XF10 is recommended for those who are looking for a digital camera that can be taken more beautifully than a smartphone and can take a photo casually like a smartphone.

If you change the setting very often,  this camera is not for you because the responses to the changes of setting are slightly slow.
For such a person, I recommend Fujifilm’s X100F or Ricoh’s GRII.



Again, as the sensor is bigger than a smartphone, we can capture rich expression, can do blurring and can take night view beautifully.
Fujifilm10XF is such a premium compact digital camera.



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