Best 10 Rice Ball (Onigiri/Omusubi) Store in Tokyo


What is Onigiri? It means a rice ball.

Rice balls are made by putting ingredients such as pickled plum, salmon, and kelp into fluffy cooked white rice and making a triangle or round shape and wrapping it with seaweed.

It is now sold in the delicatessen section of supermarkets and convenience stores and can be said to be one of the representative foods in Japan.

There are shops that specialize in rice balls with particular ingredients; so it is an important dish for Japanese.

I would like to introduce a really delicious rice ball specialty store in Tokyo where I want to eat a lot of rice balls.


This is a rice ball specialty store that has been open for 40 years.

This shop sells about 4000 Onigiri a day.

Surprisingly, it is not a machine but a rice ball which is all held by hands, so the hardness of the rice ball is very well balanced.

It depends on the day, but about 40 kinds of Onigiri are sold.

Onigiri of “Eggplant miso” is said to be famous.

The combination of miso and rice with the taste of the old days is superb.


It looks small, but the taste is strong and the ingredients are big, so it is more filling than I thought.

It is true that this is a level that cannot be compared to rice balls in convenience stores and I can fully understand that it is thriving.

Basic Information


Address: Kamijujo 3 -29 -15, Kita-Ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: [Saturday] 06: 30 -19: 00 [weekdays] 06: 30 -19: 00 [Sundays and public holidays] 06: 30 -19: 00

Closed: Mondays

Telephone: 03-3906-2044

Ohitsuzen Tanbo Yoyogi Main Store:おひつ膳・田んぼ

This is a rice ball shop where you can make delicious rice which is cooked by focusing on rice and water.

It’s a Japanese restaurant, but you can take an Onigiri home, so you can buy Onigiri only.

The onigiri is made after receiving an order, so it must be delicious.

The most popular salmon is the best seller.

Delicious rice goes well with salmon.


They make onigiri after we order, so they still serve it in other states, but this is also delicious.

I was impressed again that the good thing about rice balls is that you can enjoy the deliciousness of rice.

Basic Information

Ohitsuzen Tanbo Yoyogi Main Store

Address: 1 -41 -9 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: 00 ~ 23: 11: 00 (22: 00 on Sundays and holidays)

Closed: All days of the year

Telephone: 03-3320-0727

Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku:おにぎり 浅草 宿六

Yadoroku, which is famous as the oldest rice ball shop in Tokyo, is an old shop established more than 100 year

The shop is so crowded that celebrities go there.

This rice ball has a simple taste from the old days, and you can feel like going back in time when you eat it.

We wait for a while until rice balls are made, but they make rice balls in front of us, so we can see how rice balls are made.

This is a freshly made rice ball that conveys the deliciousness of rice.


The rice ball is wrapped in a moist and large dried seaweed, and it is surprisingly soft and fluffy. The smell of dried seaweed and the exquisite saltiness are very delicious.

・I didn’t think I could be so impressed with rice balls.

Basic Information

Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku

Address: 3 -9 -10 Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: 18: 30 ~ 17: 00 11: 00 ~ 2: 00 (It will be finished as soon as the rice is gone.)

Closed: Lunch, Sunday, Sunday, night, Wednesday

Telephone: 03-3874-1615

Seafood Onigiriya Tsukiji Marutoyo:丸豊・築地

It is a rice ball shop that makes you want to stop by when you get hungry after coming to Tsukiji.

This shop, which is very popular among Tsukiji workers, sometimes sells out if you don’t go early, so please go there quickly if you have a purpose.

There are so many kinds that you can find it easily whenever you go there, so it’s difficult to choose Onigiri.

I want to visit many times and try all kinds of Onigiri.


It’s a homely rice ball.

It is big but the shape is uneven, but there are many kinds, and the volume is good, the cost performance is good, and it is quite delicious despite the appearance.

Basic Information


Address: Tsukiji 4 -9 -9 outside, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: 3: 00 ~ 15: 00

Closed: Sundays and public holidays

Telephone: 03-3541-6010

Iizuka Seimai:飯塚精米

This is a restaurant where you can eat delicious rice balls that emphasize the deliciousness of rice.

The onigiri can be made only by a rice shop that knows a lot about rice.

The price is very reasonable, so you can use it as a snack for children.

Onigiri of this shop is a rice ball made of organic rice which you rarely see, and it is surprisingly delicious.

I want to taste every grain of rice without thinking.


There are many kinds of Onigiri, so I don’t know which one to choose.

 It is full of handmade feeling and has a somewhat nostalgic taste.

It’s a rice ball made by a rice shop, so I think the cooking condition of rice is just right.

Basic Information

Iizuka rice polishing shop

Address: 6 -1 -5 Himonya, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo

Business hours: 7: 00 -20: 00

Closed: Sundays and national holidays

Telephone: 03-3712-7281

Honnoriya Omusubi Tokyo Main Store:ほんのり屋

At “Honnoriya”, you can enjoy colorful seasonal dishes and various rice balls made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

This is the scenery of the rice ball shop, and the rice balls and miso soup that you eat in the shop soothes your fatigue.


I think it is safer and more delicious in terms of additives than convenience store onigiri.

The chicken burdock rice ball was delicious.

Basic Information

Honnoriya Tokyo Main Store

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1 -9 -1 Tokyo Station, ticket gate 1F

Business hours: 7: 00 ~ 22: 00

Closed: None

Telephone: 03-5219-1136

Onigiri no Kobayashi [Closed]:おにぎりの小林 [閉店]

Unfortunately, this store was closed.

It is a rice ball shop that is particular about ingredients such as Niigata Koshihikari, Kyushu Nori and Okinawa salt.

They are handmade from 5 o’clock in the morning. They always have more than 10 kinds of dishes and sell homemade side dishes.


A rice ball shop filled with the love and care of the maker, which is deeply ingrained in my heart.

・You can eat at the counter and it is healing everyday.

Basic Information

Onigiri no Kobayashi

Address: 1 -5 Kanda Jinbo-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Hours: [Monday to Saturday] 08: 30 ~ 17: 30

Closed: Sundays and national holidays

Telephone: 03-3291-9293

Maimai Yurakucho store  Specialty store for multi-grain rice balls

This is a casual white rice ball shop with eat-in space. The healthy multi-grain rice ball is an exquisite rice ball made with freshly cooked multi-grain rice blended in an original ratio.


In addition to Onigiri, they are very particular about grains, rice or salt.

The onigiri I had today were “Spicy cod roe with cheese” and “Plum Okaka”.

Both of them are slightly warm and delicious.

・Nori is crispy and delicious as they say they are particular about it.

Above all, the feeling of healthy food is very good.

Basic Information

Maimai  Yurakucho store Specialty store for multi-grain rice balls

Address: Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1F, Yurakucho 2 -10 -1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 11: 30 ~ 15: 00

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

Telephone: 03-6269-9994


This is a rice ball specialty store.

The name of the shop is derived from a Cuban folk instrument.

There are about 50 kinds of ingredients, and it’s so delicious that you’ll want to come back again and again.


There are so many kinds of ingredients for Onigiri that I can’t decide which one to choose, but both of the classic salmon and Okaka were simple and I could feel the goodness of Onigiri.

Anyway, the amount was large and I felt like I was eating more than 1 go of rice with 2 rice balls.

I was really impressed because I didn’t usually have a chance to eat freshly made onigiri.

It’s a rice ball that you want to take home and feed your family.

Basic Information


Address: Kaneda Building 1F, 2 -3 -26 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: 30 ~ 24: 11: 00 Lunch, open after 10 PM

Closed: Sundays

Telephone: 03-3910-5617

Rice Ball GABA Akihabara:おにぎりのGABA

Rice Ball GABA will be a store specializing in onigiri using GABA Rice originally developed healthy rice.

They are particular about health and beauty, and the combination of fresh ingredients and original rice is superb.


Onigiri is a little small and expensive.

However, this rice ball is said to contain a lot of GABA.

It makes me feel like I’m getting something healthy.

The rice itself is delicious so I’m satisfied.

Basic Information

Rice Ball GABA Akihabara store

Address: Satake Tokyo Headquarters Building 1F, 4 -2 -7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: Store 11: 00 -19: 00 (Lo/18: 00) Shop 7: 00 -20: 00

Closed: none

Telephone: 03-5298-5567


This is a rice ball shop that uses rice, a variety of carefully selected ingredients.

Why don’t you stop by Onigiri store for lunch or a break when you go out and relax with Onigiri?


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