Best 7 Japanese Popular Snacks that You Should Buy for Souvenirs


We introduce popular snacks for foreign tourists.
There are lots of delicious Japanese snacks that are good for souvenirs.



The product is made of steamed and seasoned potatoes.
It is made into a stick and after drying, fried in oil.
Then, put in a cup-like container.

It is also very popular with the Japanese people.

There is a variety of tastes (salad and cheese) and local limited tastes, etc.

It is a snack that is loved by all generations, and also popular as bar snacks.
The most popular is the classic cheese taste.

About the product
  • You will receive (12) cups of Calbee Jagariko Cheese 2.04oz
  • The most popular potato stick snacks in Japan
  • Crispy!
  • Net Wt. 2.04oz
  • Product of Japan



・ My favorite snacks! Love them!

・Any Jagariko is very crunchy and so good taste.

・ I highly recommend if you are bored with generic American Chips and snacks!

・It is my favorite Japanese snack, taste like the dried fries, salted and a little bit fish’s taste.


Kit Kat Japanese green tea

Kit Kat is a chocolate coated wafer-shaped sweets.

It is a famous and popular Japanese snack in the US.
The green tea taste is popular as the souvenir for those who have been to Japan.


・The Kit Kats are awesome, the matcha flavor is pure heaven and they are not overly sweet.

・I don’t know why I love these so much. I’m not a big Kit Kat fan and I do not particularly like matcha tea, but these are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

・Kit Kats come in marvelous flavors outside the US. These match tea flavored ones had to be ordered from Japan. The flavor is sweet and delicate. I recommend them. I would definitely order them again.



Fujiya’s Milky.

It is a soft candy with a rich milk taste, and chewy like a caramel.

Peko-chan, a Fujiya character, is popular among tourists.


・This is the best candy from Japan.

・It tastes like creamy milk, and it’s chewy like a caramel.

・The candies are great!

・For anyone who is unsure I recommend you try them.

・They have a sort of creamy sweet milk flavor, hence the name Milky.

・It is very similar to sweetened condensed milk.

・They also start off slightly hard but soften up once you start eating them.

・They are also highly addictive, so be careful not to eat the whole bag in one sitting! Highly recommend!

・same not so sweet, sweet candy, that I remember as a little girl growing up in Japan. still tasty!!

・The taste is much like sweetened condensed milk or caramel and these are surprisingly rich for such a small candy. I save these as much as possible, though when I run out, I will definitely buy these again!

・These are so good. Sweet and very addicting.


Pizza potato chips

It is pizza-flavored potato chips.

It is popular because you can eat a pizza that everyone loves chips.

The taste of thick cut, thick cheese, and crisp spice is full of satisfaction.


・I love these chips! Not sure if it actually tastes like pizza but it’s definitely very savory!

・My favorite chips, OMG, it’s so good and it’s fresh from Japan !! if you love rich cut potato chips, you must get it!


It is a fruit juice gummy coated with fruits flavored powder.

Heart-shaped gummy and cuteness of package are popular among female tourists.

It is good for souvenirs.


・I found these wonderful lemon delights and it has become my secret addiction.

・Love their gummy candy. Lots of flavors and less sugar than American candy.

・this is the best taste for me, and independently, for all my family members.


Kabukiage Rice cracker

The sweetness of soy sauce and sugar is nice. This is a popular rice cracker for tourists, and a taste unique to Japan.

Kabuki means a traditional Japanese classical theater.

7 Tips you should know for enjoying Kabuki (歌舞伎) performance

A package is good for souvenirs because it is designed with this as a motif.
It is easy to eat one by one because it is packed in a small package; therefore, so convenient during your flight.


・Yummy snacks!

・It’s fried so it’s a bit oily, but it’s so delicious it’s often overeating.


There are 8 kinds of snacks such as rice confectionery, bean candy, and small fish in one package.

You can enjoy lots of snacks in one bag.

It is flavored of soy sauce and sweet sake, which is a unique taste to Japanese snacks.
The products are popular among tourists.


・As it contains various items, it is a good impression.

・The moment you put your hand in the bag and say “What’s next?” When I was a little hungry I got a bag. That’s a good amount.

・It is very nice to have a variety of delicious tastes.


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