Review for WH-1000XM3: Sony Noise Canceling Headphone


Headphones soak in your favorite music wherever you are.
While there are various criteria for product selection, such as sound quality, design, wearability and price, Sony’s long-awaited model “WH-1000XM3.” is for those who do not want to compromise on the comfort of wireless and noise canceling as well as the sound quality.

Even if you’ve never used a noise-canceling wireless headphone, the basic performance has evolved significantly so that you can immediately feel the difference from a normal headphone when you try it. I would like to tell you the reason for the strengths of the product, along with the actual feeling of using it.


Wearability of WH-1000XM3

The “WH-1000XM3” is a model that has been further enhanced in the third generation by the Sony 1000X series, which has a reputation for high-quality wireless transmission and powerful noise-canceling functions.
The point of attention is the improvement of “sound quality & noise-canceling function” and “wearability”.
The overall performance has been greatly improved compared to the conventional model due to the basic performance evolution of the headphones.


The weight of WH-1000XM3 is 255g, which is lighter than the conventional model 275g.
When I hold it in my hand, the new model is lighter than the conventional model.
As the new model is slightly compact, it turns out that it changed to the condensed design.

The width of the space inside the earmuffs is maintained, so there is no feeling of cramping.

The newly prepared low-earning ear pads are also comfortable because they do not hold your ears tight when worn.
When you wear it, you feel as if the entire head is gently covered with the headband and ear pads.
You can wear the headphone without a feeling of pressure even when you wear it for a long time.


Quiet: soak in the music for the concentration of your work

The noise canceling function, which is a feature of this model, has greatly evolved into the third generation.
It is equipped with a newly developed high-quality noise-canceling processor “QN1” and has four times the processing power of the processor compared with the previous model.
So, it is further improving noise-canceling performance.

The effect is beyond imagination, and it can be seen that the quietness of the new model is completely different compared to the first model even before playing music.
Not only the active noise-canceling performance but also the improvement of the sound insulation cen be felt.

Pairing can be done by touching with NFC. The Bluetooth codec is compatible with SBC / aptX / aptX HD / LDAC / AAC.
In the case of an NFC non-compliant device, when the power button of 1000 X M 3 is pressed and held, the pairing standby state will be established.

The first generation model of 1000X can also be felt rich in information volume, deep sinking lows, sharp contours, etc.
But this 1000XM3 has a sense of density of the sound, crispness of the lows.
It is a great evolution that does not seem to be the same series already.

The high noise-canceling performance further enhances the sound quality of the headphones themselves.
The new processor QN1 utilizes high processing power to analyze noise and generate antiphase signals.
The processing of the part that mixes the antiphase component and the music data seems to be connected to more effective noise reduction because the processing of the part that mixes the music data is done with high resolution with 32 bits.
Even in a loud place, such as subways, you will realize that the noise is clearly reduced in the new model compared to the first 1000X.

If you use a headphone or a speaker in a quiet space rather than a noisy place, you can hear a detailed sound and a sense of wideness.
You can get that environment at the moment you wear it, no matter where you are.
The voices and/or music can be heard without being buried in the surrounding noise, without raising the volume.
The difference in expression by the singer is transmitted firmly.
The low tones such as drums and the bright tones of the trumpet are well drawn.

When you use this model, the noise around you will disappear and you are able to concentrate on your work. It turns out once again that blocking unnecessary information and noise is important for concentration.
From 1000XM3, when not playing music (when Bluetooth connection is disconnected), the time until the power is turned off can be customized automatically, and if the automatic power-off function is turned off, only noise-canceling can be used without listening to music.

When you use this headphone, you will notice that there are quite a lot of noise sources around you. When you turn off the noise-canceling on an escalator at a station, a train, etc., there are actually many noises, such as air conditioning and cars running far away.
If you use noise-canceling at such a place, it will switch to a mode that you can immerse yourself in music.

When the power is ON and long-press the NC / AMBIENTNC button, the personal wearing condition such as wearing glasses is measured to adjust the effectiveness of the noise-canceling. It also responds to changes in atmospheric pressure, such as when you’re on an airplane, and it’s likely to be a great friend for traveling abroad and traveling.


How to use noise-canceling

If you immerse yourself in the music too much, some people may feel uneasy because they can not hear the surrounding sound.
Don’t worry. Even when wearing headphones, it is possible not to miss an announcement or the running noise of a car using external sound capture function.

You can mute the music and hear the voices and announcements of people picked up by the outside microphone firmly,
“Quick attention mode” can capture announcements naturally while listening to music.
You can use the “ambient sound mode”.

In addition to noise canceling ON / OFF, the level of external sound can be adjusted in 22 levels.
If you adjust to different noise levels depending on the commuting route such as subway or trains, you like the amount of external sound taken in.
For example, when you get off the train and walk home, the mode changes so that you can hear the surrounding announcements without any operation. And when you get on again, you can listen to music without capturing outside sound.

It is convenient to be able to optimize external sounds without manual operation. Also, with the finely adjusted external sound capture function, you can realize that it can be customized to your own environment and preferences.


Google Assistant and Siri

You can use Google Assistant or Siri when you connect your smartphone.

Recharge the headphone

Continuous music playback time is up to 30 hours with Bluetooth connection with noise-canceling function.
This specification is the same as the second-generation 1000XM2, so you can use it fully for long flights with ease.

The required charging time is 3 hours. The quick charge function has been enhanced, and the conventional 1000XM2 can be regenerated for 10 minutes with 70 minutes, but the new 1000XM3 can be regenerated for 5 hours with 10 minutes of charge.

Portable products sometimes run out of battery when you want to use them, so it’s nice to be able to charge for round trips.

Charger changed to USB Type-C from this model. In addition, it does not correspond to USB audio input, it is only for the charge.
If you want to use wired audio input, use the supplied stereo mini cable.

Noise-canceling is a standard function

Now, the noise-canceling function is not only for some high-priced models, but various manufacturers at home and abroad are installed in a wide range of products.
With an increasing number of separate headphones and earphones that sound good at low prices, Sony’s 1000XM3 has boosted the level of “Wireless noise-canceling” as the top series in this field.
If you are using it, it seems natural to keep the noise-canceling on all the time for comfortable listening.

There is also a need for further improvement; for example, the accuracy of recognition of adaptive sound control and the smoothness of switching.
One more greed, body colors of the headphone are only black and platinum silver.





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