[Review] WF-1000X (Sony): Noise-Canceling Wireless Earphone


What are the characteristics of Sony?
I feel that Sony is overwhelmed by the “world’s smallest” point of view, which is pushing for miniaturization.

With the emergence of EARIN and AirPods, the market for totally independent earphones is growing.
This type of earphone is cumbersome to charge, but once you use it, you will fall in love with it.

This type of earphone has disadvantages, such as poor fit to the ear and easy run-out of the battery.
However, this type is good for daily use such as commuting to school or workplace.

Currently, Sony’s “WF-1000X” is gaining popularity in this field.
The model has even a function of active noise canceling while being cableless.

However, WF-1000X at the beginning of the sale is a little difficult because there are many problems.
For example, the connection of one ear is cut off in places with many people such as stations.
Due to such a bad reputation, software updates have been distributed in December 2017 to improve connectivity.

Design of the earphone

Fully stand-alone earphones with drivers, batteries and Bluetooth circuits tend to be large and heavy. Some similar products remain unnatural when worn on the ear.
For instance, when walking, the earphones may shift.

However, the fit of the WF-1000X is high, and you can relax while moving or walking.

The setting is necessary.
You need to choose an earpiece (2 x 3 size) that matches the hole in your ear, select the size of the fitting support (2 sizes), and turn the fitting support into the hollow of the pinna after installation.

The sound quality of the earphone

The treble range is unobtrusive, the bass range is lighter, and I think it’s an earphone that emphasizes balance.
You can adjust the range with the dedicated application “Headphones Connect”.
Using this application, you can customize the range while maintaining the contour of the tone.

The quality of noise-canceling in WF-1000X

Active noise canceling is excellent for earphones, but its effects are not as strong as headphones.
In other words, correction power in WF-1000X is inferior to that in the noise canceling headphones.

Connectivity depends on the environment, but still slightly unstable

In a place where the radio wave environment in the 2.4 GHz band is bad, the sound on one side tends to be cut off.
In my sense, a phenomenon occurs that turns into a single sound when passing through the automatic door.
So I felt that it was a little bit stressful phenomenon.

Updating the firmware has made it easier to stabilize than in the initial state. Actually, “it became easier”, but it does not mean the problem has been solved.

When using WF-1000X, stability has increased considerably when various wearable devices were disconnected.

Strength and Weakness

The strengths are satisfactory sound quality and stability when worn.
Also, the carrying case is easy to use with a built-in spare battery.

The weakness is unstable wireless connections.




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