Review of Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7!! Simple and Easy to use even for Beginners


Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7 is currently the main line for taking pictures.
It has been about a year since I started using it, so I would like to review the impressions I’ve used.

Please refer to it as the opinion of the amateur who has just started a digital camera.


What is the design of LUMIX G7?

As there is a firm grip, it is very nice to be able to hold firmly when taking photos by one hand.
Compactness enables us to bring the camera easily.

I do not have the cheap and ugly impression for the body of the camera, although some people say that the body covered with plastic is impressed as cheap.
However, because it is used fairly frequently, I may be concerned slightly about durability

Right now, it can be used without any problems for 1 year.

The image quality of LUMIX G7


It has surprisingly evolved from LUMIX DMC-GH2 that I have used before.
This camera can be used for 4K shooting and I think this is a big advantage of this camera, considering the price.

LUMIX DMC-GH2 is also a very popular camera with high image quality when shooting movies
I was particularly surprised at the detailed images that were depicted.

Image quality may be further improved when using an expensive lens such as the Olympus PRO lens or the Panasonic Leica lens.


However, I think the weak of this camera is night shooting or high sensitivity shooting.

For those who need a more sensitive camera and have more budgets to buy a camera, I would recommend other types of camera, such as SONY α7S II.


Operability of LUMIX G7

I have hardly felt any inconvenience when using this camera.

If I dare to give an example, the shooting mode may change during shooting since there is no dial lock on the top.

The autofocus function of Lumix G7


Pan Focus is often used when shooting with the Stabilizer.

When shooting in 4K, you may be concerned about the slowness of AF, as the speed of the AF greatly affects the creation of the work.


When shooting a still image with LUMIX G7, the image quality is 4592px x 3448px.
On the other hand, when shooting 4K movies with LUMIX G7, the image quality is 4122px × 2319px and the range of view tends to be narrow.
So, we need to be careful about the change of the range of the view.


Battery of LUMIX G7


As with mirrorless cameras in general, I think that the duration of the battery is short. LUMIX DMC-G7 is no exception to the problem.
The original battery made by Panasonic is also slightly expensive.



This camera is compact, lightweight and convenient to carry.
Furthermore, I think that the cost performance is very good when considering that the image quality is high for the price of the camera.

Also, you can take video with relatively high-quality images.


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