Nikon1 J5 [Review for Mirrorless Digital Camera]


This post introduces Nikon1 J5 and reviews it after using 2 months.
At this time, we focused on the strength and weakness of this camera.

Strength of Nikon1 J5

Reasonable price

Nikon1 J5 is a relatively lower price than similar cameras provided by other Japanese companies such as Sony, Canon, and Olympus.

Small, lightweight and excellent design

The lens is interchangeable but very compact and lightweight, yet the design is classic and cute (my personal subjectivity).

Although the texture of the body cannot be said to be outstanding, it is a good impression that it is made of metal. The size is almost the same as Sony’s RX100.

Nikon 1 J5 is small and lightweight, so it is always easy to carry.


The lens is also small and light


Although the quality and structure of the lens are different across the makers, the lens for Nikon 1 J5 is smaller and lighter than other ones.


Tilt-type LCD

It is convenient to use the tilt LCD, which automatically switches to selfie just by lifting it.

The tilt-type LCD is more convenient when you take selfies so often.


The fast and accurate Auto-Focus system

In fact, the J5 AF system is quite powerful, and it can trace the shape of a stationary subject quite accurately.
The frequency of the autofocus malfunction is significantly reduced.
So, you may not feel stressed when using autofocus functions.

It is also convenient to release the shutter by touching the LCD.

Because the sensor size is small, the depth of field is deep, and the AF area is wide, it may be easy to focus on a wide area of the screen.

The lens is a cheap and excellent function

I tried using just three standard cheap lenses (but not using only 10-30mm) and I felt that they were very good lenses with excellent cost-performance.


Touch-type LCD is convenient

Touch-type LCD is very convenient.

When you touch the display, it works as an auto-focus function and shutter.
Also, you can send images like a smartphone when checking photos.

The speed of touch-type LCD is rapid in practice.

The size of the LCD is also large and is also easy to see.
The brightness of the liquid crystal can be changed to three levels,

The weakness of Nikon1 J5

Wi-Fi button

The position of the Wi-Fi button is not good.
You may mistakenly put this button when you try to take pictures.

I don’t understand why they put this button near the shutter button.


Slightly weak in continuous shooting


If it is continuous shooting, it becomes buffer full immediately, and it will not be able to do anything at all for 30 seconds until it returns ready.


The time lag of “image confirmation immediately after shooting”

Immediately after the shutter is turned off, the LCD will black out for about 1 second, and then the image will be displayed (while the shutter will not be released during this time), this will lead to poor response.

It is best to turn off this setting.


Unable to transfer images to PC via Wi-Fi transmission

Although Nikon’s Wi-Fi app WirelessMobileUtility is easy to use, Nikon1 J5, unfortunately, does not support Wi-Fi transfer to PC.


Unable to change the aspect ratio

Even if you want to shoot in 16: 9 wide with landscape photos etc., the aspect ratio is fixed and can not be changed. You only need to trim and resize later.


Overall, this camera is excellent for beginners.

Certainly it is fun to use, and easy to shoot because Auto-focus is so smart.
The high power and quality of the kit lens make it possible to take necessary and sufficient photos.

It is also attractive that it is compact and lightweight, and various processes have a good response (unless excessive continuous shooting is required).
The touch panel type LCD is also very convenient.
Because the classic texture and design of the body are good, it is appealing for beginners who have the desire to possess an excellent camera.


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