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When U.S. President Trump visited Japan, he visited a restaurant for dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

It was Robatayaki, Inakaya.

I will introduce what kind of restaurant it is.

What is robatayaki?

It refers to a form of izakaya, a Japanese countryside style restaurant where the staff serves grilled (over charcoal) seafood and vegetables.

It is said to have originated in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture after World War II.


Robatayaki Inakaya is the best robatayaki restaurants in the world.

It’s an old restaurant opened in Roppongi in 1970 as a Japanese traditional robatayaki restaurant.

It is located in a convenient location from Roppongi Station.

They have two stores in Roppongi, one in the east and the other in the west, and the store President Trump visited this time is the east store.

They also open a store in New York.

On the website, it is the most popular robatayaki restaurant in the world.

It is established in 1970 and loved for more than 40 years by government officials and celebrities of various countries, including the U.S. president.

And there are three important points of the store.

1 Iki  it means Chic

There are delicious things, beautiful sake, and people gather there.

They are not bound by the constraints of the world, they do not deviate, they do not have contact with others as they are, and they face each other without being separated.

Please enjoy such natural and stylish time.

2 Katsu  It means Fresh

The fresh ingredients that are in season now are made into a superb dish that makes the most of the ingredients by facing the Irori fireplace in front of customers.

Please enjoy the exquisite taste with the selected brand sake.

3 Iki it means Sprits

It is also good to see craftsmen who do brisk work.

You can either have a friendly conversation or love the way they are served.

Please feel the spirit of the people of Edo who devote themselves to their hospitality.

Characteristic provision method of Inakaya

It is also famous as a restaurant that established “Robatayaki style” where high-grade materials are baked in front of you.

The performance that serves dishes on a large rice paddle in response to the energetic chanting is loved not only by foreign tourists, but also by government officials and celebrities around the world.

A large percentage of the customers are foreigners, so they are highly evaluated by foreign tourists.

Highly appreciated among foreign celebrities

The Robatayaki Inakaya is located in “A must-have restaurant when you go to Tokyo”

It seems to be spreading through word of mouth among foreign celebrities.

The foreign celebrities who have visited our shop so far are:

*Tom Cruise

*Stevie Wonder

*Cameron Diaz

*Harrison Ford

*Steven Spielberg

*Leonardo DiCaprio

*Sylvester Stallone

*Lionel Richie

*Demi Moore

*Rolling Stones

And so on.

Some celebrities come to Japan secretly just to visit this store.

Menu and price

It is common knowledge of luxury stores that the price is not indicated because the menu is the current price, but there are some items that can be grasped as a single item price.

There is a menu on the website.

Vegetables and mushrooms

Enokiyaki 918 yen

Grilled eggplant 702 yen

Grilled potato 702 yen

Grilled green pepper 702 yen

Green fried pork 702 yen

Grilled onion 702 yen

Grilled shimeji mushrooms 918 yen

Okra 918 yen

Grilled gingko nuts 918 yen

Grilled asparagus 972 yen

Grilled shiitake mushrooms 972 yen

Silk casket 918 yen

Anno Sweet Potato 1134 yen

Pekolos onion ¥702

Grilled garlic 702 yen

Bamboo shoot grill 2160 yen

Dried food

Himegai 1998 yen

Grilled ray fin 810 yen

Grilled Urume Iwashi (round herring) 918 yen

Grilled seared sardines 918 yen


Atsuage 810 yen

Sawagani 1134 yen

Satsuma-age 918 yen


Grilled smelt 1890 yen

Grilled scallop 1998 yen, roasted turban shell 2160 yen

Grilled clam (2 pieces) 2160 yen

Salt-grilled tiger prawn 4536 yen

Red King Crab 4104 yen

Salt-grilled Kinki Fish 10800 yen

Greater Amberjack Head 2592 ~

Salt-grilled saury 2592 yen

Yellowtail Head 4320 yen

Grilled yellowtail 3240 yen

Hairy crab 12960 yen

Salt-grilled rosy seabass 10800 yen


Grilled young chicken skewer (2 skewers per person) 1134 yen

Homemade chicken meatball skewers (2 skewers per person) 1134 yen

Grilled prime beef loin (2 skewers per person) 5170 yen

Beef skewer (1 stick) 2750 yen


Assorted sashimi (Assorted 3 items) 6048 yen

Assorted sashimi (Assorted 5 items) 9288 yen

Assorted sashimi (Assorted 7 items) 11988 yen

Aoyagi sashimi 1566 yen

Pink shrimp sashimi 1674 yen

Greater amberjack sashimi 2376 yen

Squid sashimi 2376 yen

Ark shell sashimi 2700 yen

Raw sea urchin sashimi 2700 yen

Lean tuna sashimi 4968 yen

Fatty tuna sashimi 5978 yen

Simmered dish, Nuta

*Nuta: A dish of minced fish and vegetables dressed with vinegared miso (Sumiso).

Stewed Zenmai 1026 yen

Inaka-ni 1134 yen

Simmered bony parts 1566 yen

Wakame seaweed Nuta 810 yen

Green Onion Nude 918 yen

Aoyagi Nuta 1026 yen

Squid ¥1134

Ark shell nuta 1566 yen

Tuna Nuta 1782 yen

Vinegared dish

Vinegared Wakame seaweed  810 yen

Vinegared mozuku seaweed 810 yen

Vinegared Aoyagi 1026 yen

Vinegared water shield 1026 yen

Vinegared Squid  1134 yen

Vinegared ark shell 1566 yen

Snacks to go with sake

Seared natto 594 yen

Shiokara 810 yen

Nameko mushroom oroshi 810 yen

Shredded yam 810 yen


Minced okra 918 yen

Chawanmushi 918 yen

Inakaya salad 1134 yen

Squid and natto 1134 yen

Salted sea cucumber 1674 yen

Salmon roe wholesale: 1674 yen

Tuna natto 1782 yen

Yamakake 1782 yen


Miso soup <Shijimi> 594 yen

Miso soup <Nameko mushrooms> 486 yen

Miso soup <Tofu> 486 yen

Miso soup <Seaweed> 486 yen

Water shield soup 702 yen

Clam soup 2268 yen


Sansai Seiro 1350 yen

Buckwheat Noodles served on a Bamboo Strainer 1782 yen

Crab seiro 1988 yen

Matsutake mushroom seiro (Autumn Only) 4212 yen

Rice porridge with egg 918 yen

Rice porridge with wild vegetables 1134 yen

Clam rice porridge 2268 yen

Onigiri (rice ball) < Salmon > 378 yen

Onigiri (rice ball) < ume > 324 yen

Rice ball <Salmon roe> 486 yen

Rice ball <Okaka> 324 yen

Tea- & -rice soup with cod roe 918 yen

Salmon chazuke 918 yen

Plum Chazuke (rice with tea) 810 yen

Salmon Roe Chazuke 1674 yen

Tea- & -rice soup with seaweed 810 yen

Tea soba 918 yen

Inaka soba 1134 yen


Green tea ice cream 540 yen

Seasonal sherbet 540 yen

Melon 2484 yen


・The stylish service and the loud voice of the staff matched the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The price is not cheap, but all of them are delicious.

They grilled it with the charcoal fire in front of you, and you can see the freshly baked one in front of you! Really delicious!


・This robatayaki is cooked by the chef who sits on his belly, putting the best ingredients in front of him.


・The large shrimp and assorted sashimi were delicious.

The oysters and various vegetables were grilled and it was very delicious.


・Basically, I think the material used is upper rank.

They have a variety of dishes such as vinegared dishes, simmered dishes, fried dishes, sashimi, simmered dishes, and rice.The atmosphere of the restaurant and the customer service are also at a high level.It is well built and the concept is solid, so it is impressive.


・I was impressed by the taste.


・Fresh vegetables and seasonal fish are delicious.

Ingredients lined up inside the counter entertain the eyes.

・You can enjoy robatayaki in a lively atmosphere with seasonal vegetables, seafood, and meat.A famous restaurant with 70% foreign customers that day. Delicious!


・In the first place, the shop has no price. Fair value. The production, atmosphere, and service are good, but the price is great.


・The entertainment and taste are real, but if the general public likes it, it will be a shocking price.


・It’s delicious, but it’s also famous for its high price.

Robatayaki is no longer a common dish, but a very high-class dish.

・I had fresh seafood and vegetables.The service was perfect and I had a pleasant time.

Information | Robatayaki Inakaya East Store

【business hours】

17: 00 -23; 00

Open 365 days a year


+81 3-3408-5040


Arrow Building 1F, 3-14-7Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo


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