4 Recommended Breakfast Haneda Airport – Terminal 2


This time, I will introduce the recommended breakfast at Haneda Airport Terminal 2.


1 Cafe & Beer Restaurant Avion

How about this restaurant if you want to spend a relaxing time until your flight?

There is a baggage inspection area in front of the shop, so you can have breakfast calmly. 

Out of the 4 kinds of morning menu, I would like to recommend 2 dishes.

One is the morning dish (680 yen. Drink set ¥880).

This plate is well balanced with five-grain toast, black rice roll, scrambled egg, sausage, and salad.

The other one is morning beef curry.

The curry that you can taste the flavor of the meat is moderately spicy.

The spiciness is pleasant, and even though it is European, I can finish eating without feeling heavy.

Breakfast is served from 5: 30 to -10: 00.



*The sandwich is delicious.


*We also have fancy rice bowls.


*It opens early in the morning, so it’s perfect for breakfast.


Cafe & Beer Restaurant Avion

[business hours]

5: 30 -20: 30


Terminal 2 F Lobby North 32





2 Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Cafe Dining Flyers Table

The breakfast at the Flyers Table is a Japanese and Western buffet that is so popular that some people visit the airport for this.

The appeal of this hotel is that you can enjoy a higher level of taste that only a hotel can offer.

The chef’s skillful omelet, bread made with natural yeast, homemade steamed prunes (Prune simmered in red wine), and other dishes that are prepared with a professional touch, will satisfy your stomach and heart.

We have a variety of Japanese dishes and rice dishes.

The menu has a rich lineup with around 10 types of Japanese and Western dishes.

You can enjoy both cold and warm dishes, and it is nice that there are plenty of salads.

Other than that, there are cereals, fresh fruits, soba, and curry.

The day that starts with the breakfast of the hotel maid, which is full of attentiveness, seems to be comfortable.

Breakfast is served from 5: 00 to -10: 00.

The fee is 2,105 yen for adults (2,500 yen), 1,053 yen for elementary school students (1,250 yen), and free for children younger than elementary school students.



*It is directly connected to the Haneda Airport Terminal 2 building and is very convenient for airport users.

It is popular because it is full soon after 12 o’clock.


*You can see the airplane flying while eating.

In cooking, I like hashed potatoes.


*Although it is directly connected to the 2nd floor of the airport building, it is a quiet and calm space separated from the noise of the airport.

The sofa seat was soft and relaxing.


Cafe Dining Flyers Table

[business hours]

5: 00 -24: 00


Terminal 2 F Lobby North 0





3  GGG Café  〜Good Green Garden〜


It is a cafe with the main vegetables.

A cafe-restaurant with a theme of “Cute rice that can make you cute.” where traveling women can eat lots of vegetables.

True to its concept, the restaurant offers a variety of healthy menus, including a colorful salad plate with 24 vegetables.

If you want to enjoy carefully selected vegetables, the Morning Salad Plate of the day (1080 yen) with vegetables as the main is perfect.

I think I can eat a day’s worth of vegetables only with this plate.

The salad that comes with the breakfast limited “Bacon and egg breakfast plate” has the secret of eating it deliciously.

First, try it with olive oil from Spain and rock salt from Sicily, then enjoy it with daily additive-free dressing.

Breakfast is served at 7: 00 -10: 00.



*You can eat a lot of fresh vegetables. HAPPY EXPLOSION!


*The salad is delicious.


*I had a vegetable smoothie. It contains apples, so it’s very delicious!


GGG Café Good Green Garden

[business hours]

7: 00 -20: 30


Terminal 2 Terminal 3 F Lobby 15





4 Cafe Nenrinya


Nenrin-ya’s Baumkuchen is an overwhelming hit as a souvenir from Tokyo.

You can only enjoy the Baumkuchen cafe menu at Haneda Airport.

2 menus are perfect for breakfast.

First, the famous hot Baumkuchen.

When I put it in my mouth, the scent of egg and butter spreads, and I feel very happy.

The free topping of whipped cream or vanilla gelato is nice too.


The other one is Baumkuchen sandwich mix.

Special Baumkuchen grilled to a moderate sweetness sandwiched with beef, shrimp and avocado and egg.

This unexpected combination is addictively delicious!

You can eat sandwiches anytime during business hours.



*You can eat normal Baumkuchen and firmly sprouted Baumkuchen warmed at a cafe.

You can choose whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for topping service.

It’s not freshly baked, but the outside sugar is crispy and delicious.


*It is a little-known place where you can relax when you have time.

Baumkuchen is also delicious and satisfying.



[business hours]

6: 00 -20: 00


Gate Lounge (north) 27 on the 2nd floor of Passenger Terminal 2 * Available for passengers only.







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