Tips for Sumo Watching (相撲) in Japan


Sumo is a traditional Japanese wrestling sport.
It is developed and performed to worship gods.
Indeed. sumo wrestlers throw salt before starting wrestling. This is a ritual to ward off evil spirits.

You can watch Sumo in Ryogoku (両国), Tokyo.
This time, we will introduce you to the recommended clothes and belongings, and manners when you go to a sumo wrestling game.



What are the recommended clothes to go to watch a sumo wrestling?

When you look at the audience on the TV of the sumo wrestling broadcast, there are people in suits, people in everyday clothes, and people in various clothes.

Are there any rules for clothing?
No. Basically there is no big rule, so it’s okay to wear anything that looks neat like a suit, rough or anything!

It is better to wear comfortable clothes so that you can sit for a long time and move around the hall freely.

What should I take to watch sumo wrestling?

After going to the site, you may find out, “Oh, I wish I had it!”
Therefore, I tried to give some things that you can enjoy watching more.

  • Camera
  • Charger of smartphone
  • Binoculars
  • Fan and cardigan


As we can take a picture in the hall, we want to bring camera by all means.

Charger of smartphone

I think there are many people who do shooting with a smartphone.
If you’re excited to take a wrestling scene, you’ll notice that the smartphone’s battery will run out! It often happens. Lol
In my experience, I would recommend taking the charger!


If you have binoculars, you can see wrestlers clearly even from the second floor.

Fan and cardigan

The air conditioning in the building is just fine, but some people may feel uncomfortable.

So, if you are not good at hot or cold, please keep in mind the air conditioning measures.

What kind of manners do you want to be aware of when watching sumo wrestling?

There is nothing special about watching manners, but sumo wrestling is held in a place where you can enjoy the very close distance between wrestlers and customers.

So, please pay attention to the wrestler who is concentrating before you work!
If you follow the minimum manners and do not bother other customers, I hope everyone enjoys watching the game!

Here are the tips for the manner

  • Smoking is not allowed in the hall
  • Take off the big hat
  • Please do not stop and see the wrestling in the passage
  • Please stop sending cheers when the wrestlers are ready (Like watching tennis games)
  • Please don’t touch wrestlers and ask for signs or photos.
  • Eating, drinking and taking pictures are not allowed at the seats from the front row to the seventh row

Let’s enjoy watching Sumo

Watching sumo wrestling on TV is also fun. However, live watching is really inspiring, with the sound and light in the hall and the insane feeling that can not be felt on TV!

I want you to go to see sumo wrestling by all means!
Please come and have fun with the people around you, in a comfortable dress, with no worries


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