Samurai (侍)


The Samurai were the warriors during the Edo period (1603-1867).
Many Japanese movies capture the stories of Samurai, how they lived and worked, and how they died.

Today, I will briefly explain the samurai.

  • What were Samurai?
  • Are Samurai still in Japan?


What were Samurai?

Samurai were warrior in old days in Japan, and they are also called bushi.
Samurai literally means “people who serves”

What did Samurai usually do in their daily lives?

Samurai were required to do intensive training for their swordsmanship, and were needed to study philosophy and ethics in order to reach a level of cultural refinement.


Are Samurai still in Japan?

Many foreign tourists may want to observe Samurai in Japan.
However, unfortunately, the era of samurai ended in 1868, when the government of the Tokugawa was overthrown in the Edo era.

Currently, there is no Samurai in Japan.




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