24 Japanese Anime and Manga in English Edition that You Should Read (Cartoon/Comic)


As the title indicates, there are various kinds of Japanese comics for the recommendations.

Of course, I have read all of the comics, and think they are interesting and should be recommended for you who have interests in Japanese manga.

First of all, we will introduce “only really interesting cartoons” from the books you have actually read.
Since there are so many posts that introduced Japanese cartoons, even though they haven’t actually read these days …

This article guarantees that everything has been read and written by us.
We have strictly selected excellent mangas.


Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga


In the late 26th century, overpopulation on Earth is reaching the breaking point, and humanity must find new frontiers. The terraforming of Mars has taken centuries but is now complete. The colonization of Mars by humanity is an epoch-making event, but an unintended side effect of the terraforming process unleashes a horror no one could ever have imagined…

After humanity’s first manned mission to the Red Planet was lost, a second expedition arrives. The explorers prepare to exterminate the cockroaches that were used to transform the Martian environment. They are shocked to discover that the insects have mutated into giant, aggressive humanoids with one overriding goal—exterminate the humans! But this crew of explorers has each undergone the “Bugs Procedure,” terrifying experimental surgery designed to make them more than human…(Amazon.com)


This is a story about going to Mars in order to fight the cockroaches.
Certainly, there is a huge impact on me in terms of the novelty of the world, and I read it immediately when a new issue comes out.

Your Name by Makoto Shinkai

The manga adaptation of the hit movie and light novel will enthrall both new and old readers! Mitsuha, a high school girl from a town deep in the mountains, dreams of an unfamiliar life in Tokyo. Taki, a high school boy from Tokyo, dreams that he is a girl living in the mountains. As the two change places in their dreams, their encounter sets a miraculous story into motion. (Amazon.com)

It is a fantasy that ordinary male high school students in Tokyo and female high school students in Hida, Gifu Prefecture (local area in Japan) exchange their bodies and experience strange things.

I think so many people in Japan watched the movie and this is a manga version of the movie released in August 2016.

Doraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio

This manga is one of the most popular Japanese anime in Japan and almost all people know Doraemon and enjoy it when they are children.

As this edition has a parallel translation,  native English speakers, those who want to learn Japanese, and those who use Japanese can read this book.


One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

A premium box set of the first two story arcs of One Piece, one of the most beloved and bestselling manga series of all time!

As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, an enchanted Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to stretch like rubber. Its only drawback? He’ll never be able to swim again–a serious handicap for an aspiring sea dog! Years later, Luffy sets off on his quest to find the “One Piece,” said to be the greatest treasure in the world…

This box set includes volumes 1-23, which comprise the first two story arcs, East Blue and Baroque Works. With exclusive premiums and great savings over buying the individual volumes, this set is a pirate’s treasure for any manga fan! (Amazon.com)

It is a cartoon that is loved very much inside and outside of Japan.
Some Japanese teachers says  “Isn’t Luffy the ideal leader in the 21st century?”

The main character, Luffy, is caring for his peers, understanding what they want, and having enough communication.

I think that this manga was sold very much because a new leader image is here.

Say Hello to Blackjack by Sato Syuho

This version is written in English and Japanese.

The main character, an intern or medical resident, has this instinct for saving patients lives. However, he faces many obstacles in doing so, working 16 hours a day and sleeping only two hours a night. Could he overcome the hierarchy of medical schools or flaws of the health insurance system in Japan?

If you finished Middle School in Japan, you would have no (or minimum) problem enjoying this Manga on Kindle. I guess it would be hard to decipher each single Kanjis, but the illustrations should tell you the story and I encourage you to read this anyway because it’s free!

This manga is very real to what is happening in hospitals and medical universities in Japan.

Spanish Edition

French Edition

NANA by Ai Yazawa

Nana Komatsu is a young woman who’s endured an unending string of boyfriend problems. Moving to Tokyo, she’s hoping to take control of her life and put all those messy misadventures behind her. She’s looking for love and she’s hoping to find it in the big city.Nana Osaki, on the other hand, is cool, confident and focused. She swaggers into town and proceeds to kick down the doors to Tokyo’s underground punk scene. She’s got a dream and won’t give up until she becomes Japan’s No. 1 rock’n’roll superstar.This is the story of two 20-year-old women who share the same name. Even though they come from completely different backgrounds, they somehow meet and become best friends. The world of Nana is a world exploding with sex, music, fashion, gossip and all-night parties. (Amazon.com)

Men coming out of NANA have embodied “The Ideal Man for Japanese young women”.

I really love this manga because it follows a girl who has issues with love and relationships and low self-esteem. I think it’s a really great manga.


Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

The world’s most popular ninja comic just got bigger with this collection of Naruto volumes!

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T
Containing volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Naruto! Twelve years ago the Village Hidden in the Leaves was attacked by a fearsome threat. A nine-tailed fox spirit claimed the life of the village leader, the Hokage, and many others. Today, the village is at peace and a troublemaking kid named Naruto is struggling to graduate from Ninja Academy. His goal may be to become the next Hokage, but his true destiny will be much more complicated. The adventure begins now! (Amazon.com)

It is often said from overseas people that “NARUTO” is so interesting.
This comic is popular in Asian countries as well as North America and Europe.

Dragonball by Akira Toriyama

Akira Toriyama’s groundbreaking, iconic, bestselling series now in an omnibus edition!

A seminal series from a legendary creator. Dragon Ball, a wry update on the Chinese “Monkey King” myth, introduces us to Son Goku, a young monkey-tailed boy whose quiet life is turned upside-down when he meets Bulma, a girl determined to collect the seven “Dragon Balls.” If she gathers them all, an incredibly powerful dragon will appear and grant her one wish. But the precious orbs are scattered all over the world, and to get them she needs the help of a certain super-strong boy…

Legend has it that if all seven of the precious orbs called “Dragon Balls” are gathered together, an incredibly powerful dragon god will appear to grant one wish. Unfortunately, the orbs are scattered across the world, making them extremely difficult to collect. Enter 16-year-old Bulma, a scientific genius who has constructed a radar to detect the exact locations of the Dragon Balls. She’s on a mission to find all seven orbs, but first she must convince young Son Goku to join her on her quest. With a monkey tail, superhuman strength and a magic staff for a weapon, Son Goku is ready to set out on the adventure of a lifetime…(Amazon.com)

It is the best of cartoons for boys in Asian countries. It is still an anime broadcast in Japan and is a manga widely loved by children and young adults. I often talk to Asian people, and everyone knows this manga.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, by Kazuho Shiina

Sawako Kuronuma is the perfect heroine…for a horror movie. With her jet-black hair, sinister smile and silent demeanor, she’s often mistaken for Sadako, the haunting character from Ringu. Unbeknownst to but a few, behind her scary façade is a very misunderstood teenager. Shy and pure of heart, she just wants to make friends. But when Kazehaya, the most popular boy in class, befriends her, she’s sure to make more than just that–she’s about to make some enemies too! (Amazon.com)

The English title is “FROM ME TO YOU”.
It is wonderful that the title captures a manga atmosphere. The story of love between a pure man and a pure woman reminds me of what I forgot.

Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya

The son of a famous pianist, music student Shinichi Chiaki dreams of studying abroad and becoming a conductor like his mentor. Unfortunately, his fear of flying grounds his lofty plans! As he watches other classmates achieve what he has always wanted, Shinichi wonders if he should quit music altogether.

Then one day he meets fellow student Megumi Noda, also known as Nodame. This oddball girl cannot cook, clean, or even read a music score, but she can play the piano in incomparable Cantabile style. And she teaches Chiaki something that he has forgotten: to enjoy his music, no matter where he is. (Amazon.com)

It’s a girl cartoon, but it’s a gag cartoon rather than a love-centric cartoon.


Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahashi

Follows the tenants of Japan’s nuttiest apartment house where Kyoko, the manager, Yusaku, the college student, Mrs. Ichinose, the drunken gossip, Akemi, the boozy bar hostess, and Mr. Yostuya, the mooching peeper, reside. (Amazon.com)

It is a cartoon with the theme of the passing and confusions between men and women. This is one of my favorite mangas.

There are a lot of nice scenes.
Although the author, Rumiko Takahashi, is a woman, I really wonder why she understands the situation that men enjoy so far.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki

The legendary Shonen Jump series, now available in English for the first time, in a deluxe edition featuring color pages and newly drawn cover art! JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a groundbreaking manga famous for its outlandish characters, wild humor and frenetic battles. A multigenerational tale of the heroic Joestar family and their never-ending battle against evil!

Young Jonathan Joestar’s life is forever changed when he meets his new adopted brother, Dio. For some reason, Dio has a smoldering grudge against him and derives pleasure from seeing him suffer. But every man has his limits, as Dio finds out. This is the beginning of a long and hateful relationship! (Amazon.com)

It is a cartoon that has a distinctive style called  “JoJo standing”.

The names of characters that came out were basically related to western music.
I think that many people know about the fact that JoJo is the name of the first people to appear in the Beatles song “Get Back”.


Neon Genesis Evangelion by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The classic series, now available in a deluxe omnibus edition!

The manga adaptation of the landmark animated series that changed the mecha genre. Each volume contains three of the original graphic novels and includes pages of stunning, full-color art.

Once Shinji didn’t care about anything; then he found people to fight for—only to learn that he couldn’t protect them, or keep those he let into his heart from going away. As mankind tilts on the brink of the apocalyptic Third Impact, human feelings are fault lines leading to destruction and just maybe, redemption and rebirth. (amazon.com)

Although it has been 20 years since the first animation version, it is still a film, and it is a work with many core fans. At that time, the author was drawing the future (2015), but now it has become the past.

The animation is great, but you can also enjoy the manga and read it.

Monster by Urasawa Naoki

Johan is a cold and calculating killer with a mysterious past, and brilliant Dr. Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him! Conspiracy and serial murder open the door to a compelling, intricately woven plot in this masterwork of suspense.

Everyone faces uncertainty at some point in their lives. Even a brilliant surgeon like Kenzo Tenma is no exception. But there’s no way he could have known that his decision to stop chasing professional success and instead concentrate on his oath to save peoples’ lives would result in the birth of an abomination. The questions of good and evil now take on a terrifyingly real dimension. Years later, in Germany during the tumultuous post-reunification period, middle-aged childless couples are being killed one after another. The serial killer’s identity is known. The reasons why he kills are not. Dr. Tenma sets out on a journey to find the killer’s twin sister, who may hold some clues to solving the enigma of the “Monster.” (Amazon.com)

I’ve already read all of Monster. It’s an absolute masterpiece with excellent stories. And this new Perfect Editions are absolutely amazing.
If you love Japanese manga, it is well worth picking up.

20th Century Boys by Urasawa Naoki

A deluxe bind-up edition of Naoki Urasawa’s award-winning epic of doomsday cults, giant robots and a group of friends trying to save the world from destruction!

A deluxe bind-up edition of Naoki Urasawa’s award-winning epic of doomsday cults, giant robots and a group of friends trying to save the world from destruction!

Humanity, having faced extinction at the end of the 20th century, would not have entered the new millennium if it weren’t for them. In 1969, during their youth, they created a symbol. In 1997, as the coming disaster slowly starts to unfold, that symbol returns. This is the story of a group of boys who try to save the world. (Amazon.com)

Naoki Urasawa is probably one of the best writers in the mystery genre.
And this Perfect Edition makes collecting 20th Century Boys a lot easier.

I’ll definitely be looking towards the release of each volume. Urasawa’s art is also really unique, the color pages and double page spreads also a large plus in these volumes.

Bunny Drop by Yumi Unita

Going home for his grandfather’s funeral, thirty-year-old bachelor Daikichi is floored to discover that the old man had an illegitimate child with a younger lover! The rest of his family is equally shocked and embarrassed by this surprise development, and not one of them wants anything to do with the silent little girl, Rin. In a fit of angry spontaneity, Daikichi decides to take her in himself! But will living with this overgrown teenager of man help Rin come out of her shell? And hang on, won’t this turn of events spell doom for Daikichi’s love life?! (Amazon.com)

It is a story that a 30-year-old man who has not been married and who has no child-rearing experience takes over a 6-year-old child and raises it. It is a heartwarming story, and I think it is good work that everyone can impress.


Slam Dunk by Inoue Takehiko

Basketball. The court, the ball, the hoop. The hopes, the dreams, the sweat. It takes dedication and discipline to be the best, and the Shohoku High hoops team wants to be just that–the best. They have one last year to make their captain’s dream of reaching the finals come true–will they do it? Takehiko Inoue’s legendary basketball manga is finally here, and the tale of a lifetime is in your hands!

Sakuragi Hanamichi’s got no game with girls–none at all! It doesn’t help that he’s known for throwing down at a moment’s notice and always coming out on top. A hopeless bruiser, he’s been rejected by 50 girls in a row! All that changes when he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and she’s actually not afraid of him! When she introduces him to the game of basketball, his life is changed forever…(amazon.com)

It is the gold standard of boy’s cartoon, similar to Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE.

Basketball is becoming popular in Asia, and many people in that country have read it.


Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

Striving for enlightenment by way of the sword, Miyamoto Musashi is prepared to cut down anyone who stands in his way. Vagabond is an action-packed portrayal of the life and times of the quintessential warrior-philosopher–the most celebrated samurai of all time!

Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword-saint, Miyamoto Musashi–perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time. For now, Takezo is a cold-hearted kiler, who will take on anyone in mortal combat to make a name for himself. This is the journey of a wild young brute who strives to reach enlightenment by way of the sword–fighting on the edge of death. (amazon.com)

It is the story of the famous samurai in Japan.


Attack on Titan by Isayama Hajime

In this post-apocalytpic sci-fi story, humanity has been devastated by the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming mankind. Seemingly unintelligent, they have roamed the world for years, killing everyone they see. For the past century, what’s left of man has hidden in a giant, three-walled city. People believe their 50-meter-high walls will protect them from the Titans, but the sudden appearance of an immense Titan is about to change everything.

Winner of the 2011 Kodansha Manga Award (Shonen) and nominated for the prestigious Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize for 2012. (Amazon.com)

So many people not only in Japan but also in the US read this manga.

If you like the series in general this is a great addition to your manga collection. The larger size compliments the story and makes the titans feel even more menacing

Kiki’s Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki

Kiki, a young witch-in-training, has reached the age of 13. According to tradition, all witches of that age must leave home for one year, so that they can learn how to live on their own. Kiki, along with her talking cat Jiji, fly away to live in the seaside town of Korico. After starting her own delivery service (using her broom as the delivery vehicle), Kiki must learn how to deal with her new life, especially after she loses the power to fly. (Amazon.com)

Hayao Miyazaki is the most beloved animator in Japanese history and the creator of several successful films.

This is a picture book of the original film made by Hayao Miyazaki.

Battle Royale by Taguchi Masayuki

Revisit the chilling vision of children coming of age in a cold and uncaring world in this gorgeous collector’s bind-up of Battle Royale. (Amazon,com)

Battle Royale is a series of manga that grabs on and doesn’t let go.
It is dark but also has humor. A lot of people compare it to the hunger games but this came first and is better.


Rurouni Kenshin by Watsuki Nobuhiro

The beloved landmark tale of a Meiji-era swordsman’s quest for redemption.

Action, romance and historical intrigue help make Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin, the tale of a wandering swordsman set against the backdrop of the Meiji Restoration, one of the most popular manga titles of all time. Himura Kenshin, once an assassin of ferocious power, now fights to protect the honor of those in need.

Himura Battosai was once an assassin of ferocious power during the violent upheaval of the Bakumatsu era. But as the Meiji Restoration heals the wounds of civil war, Battosai takes up a new name and a new calling. As Himura Kenshin, he fights only to protect the honor of those in need. (Amazon.com)

One of the best manga writing about Samurai in Japan.
Probably, this is the first one that became popular for Samura stories in Manga, since before this manga stories of Samurai were written as novels.

You can also understand the history and atmosphere in Japan in the mid to late 1800s.

Death Note by Obata Takeshi

This is one box set you NEED to own if you’re going to collect manga. The Death Note series is among the best out there, and this collects the whole series in an attractive, compact box. For those of you who have already read through the series and are looking to buy, go ahead and buy it. You won’t be disappointed. For those who haven’t read through this series yet, I’ll let you know why you should.

Death Note is about a role model high school student named Light Yagami, who is tired of living in a world filled with evil. Being the son of someone in the police force, he sees the failures of the justice system daily. Criminals fall through the cracks of the system, leaving them free to commit more crimes or to escape punishment for previous ones. During school one day, while going through all of this in his head, he notices a notebook outside of the classroom window. After picking it up and taking it home, he learns that it is a Death Note, a notebook that will kill someone if their name is written on its pages. He passes it off as a joke at first, but when the person whose name he writes in the notebook dies, he starts to use the notebook to further his goals of ridding the world of evil. Criminals start to die off one by one, all by heart attacks. The public is divided in their stance on the killings. Some people revere the killer as a hero, while others say the killer is nothing but a mass murderer. The killer comes to be known as “Kira”. Law enforcement agencies scramble to find Kira, and when a genius detective, L, shows up on the scene, Light’s wits are put to the test. How can someone prove he is a killer when all he uses is a notebook? How will he outwit L? It is here that the series turns into a clever game of cat and mouse.

(amazon customer review)


Crayon Shinchan by Yoshito Usui

Crayon Shinchan features a pint-sized terror who is a rude little dude that stands back-to-back with such contemporaries as the kids of South Park. So be warned, this hilarious romp isn’t for children; instead, Crayon Shinchan is an adult, tongue-in-cheek poke at modern domestic life. Crayon Shinchan is an international cultural phenomenon and one of the best-selling Japanese manga franchises of all time. The animated version previously aired on Adult Swim and is back in print! Now readers can enjoy it from the beginning in a new, consolidated format made up of three volumes. (Amazon.com)

It is famous for anime but the manga is also interesting.
Especially when it comes to the early versions and you read gag for adults, you will notice something amazing

Mixed with such a gag, there are talks that come up casually.

Shinchan’s friend, Kazama, said “I’m sorry for what I did yesterday. Let’s play dodge ball with me, Shinchan”

Shinchan said “No”

Kazama though “Oh, that’s right. Me and so on …”

Shinnosuke “To me, football is good”



That is all.
Super interesting and funny manga I, native Japanese, recommend.


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