Simple Explanation for Kimono (着物)


Kimono is one of the important cultures in Japan and knowing kimono may help you understand it.

I will explain the following points:

  • What is Kimono?
  • How it is produced?
  • How much does it cost?
  • On what kinds of occasions, do Japanese people wear kimonos?

Kimono (着物)

Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment.
Kimono consists of two Chinese characters: 着(ki) and 物(mono)

着(ki) means “to wear” and 物(mono) means “things”.

Kimono production

How are kimonos (着物) produced?

The production of kimono requires skilled artisanship.
The techniques of the skills are passed on through the generations.

These traditional hand-made kimono may easily exceed $10,000–20,000.

But, there are many cheaper and machine-made kimonos can substitute for the traditional hand-made silk.
For example, you can get second-hand kimonos, which can cost approximately $1–50.
Alternatively, you can rent a traditional hand-made kimono by $100­­–$500 per day.

Wearing a Kimono

Is it difficult to wear a kimono?

It depends on the types of kimono, but in most cases, it is very difficult to wear a kimono by yourself.
For example, tying the obi on a kimono is so challenging.

Occasions to wear a kimono

On what sorts of occasions do Japanese wear a kimono?
In general, Japanese people wear Western clothing in everyday life.

However, we, Japanese, wear kimonos for special occasions such as the wedding, funerals, graduation ceremonies, etc.

Furisode: 振袖

For example, female students in the university wear “Furisode (one type of kimono)” when they participate in their graduation ceremonies.
Furisode is considered as the most formal type of kimonos for unmarried women.

Mofuku: 喪服

Mofuku is formal mourning dress for men or women.
This type of kimono consists of plain black silk.



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