Japanese Sake (酒) and Recommendations for beginners


Sake is a traditional alcohol beverage made from rice.
Sake is also called “Rice wine” in English.
Like red and white wine, there are so many types of local Sake in Japan.
If you love to drink alcohol, it is an excellent idea to try Japanese Sake.

You will find various sakes throughout Japan. There are many sakes specific to that region, and there are many brands that I would like to try. Sake is susceptible to climate and climate, and even with the same brand, the taste varies slightly depending on the year of preparation.


Recommendation of Sake for Beginners

If you are not familiar with sake, you will be wondering which one to choose.
Anyway, you would like to drink delicious sake.

So, this time, I will introduce and recommend sakes by taste so that you are not troubled to choose sake.

Hakkai-San (八海山)

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“Hakkai-San (八海山) ” is a Japanese sake representing Niigata Prefecture in Japan. This sake is fermented at low temperature and slowly squeezed.
It is also characterized by its gentle rice aroma and a mild soak.

Shichiken (七賢)


“Shichiken(七賢)” is a popular Japanese Sake with a clean aftertaste and refined sweetness. The “silk taste” is particularly popular as it is easy to drink.

It has a modest aroma that does not interfere with delicious food and is selected as sake to be served with food.
It is recommended that you cool this Sake well and drink it with a wine glass.


The “Hakurakusei(伯楽星)” is made so that you can drink cleanly during dinner.
It is made with the sweetness and flavor as low as possible as a supporting role of the food.

It is also a popular secret that it is compatible with any kind of meal, from sashimi and sushi to Chinese dishes.

Let’s Enjoy Sake and Say “Kanpai (乾杯)”

Japanese people say “Kanpai(乾杯)” when they start drinking alcoholic beverages.
The meaning of “Kanpai” is similar to “Cheers!” in English.



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