The emperor:Tenno(天皇)


Tenno is a Japanese word for the Emperor of Japan.
The Emperor of Japan is the head of the Imperial Family and symbol of Japan.

Today, I explain the following points

  • The meaning of Tenno
  • The role of Tenno
  • His living place


The emperor in English = Tenno (天皇) in Japanese

The Japanese emperor is referred to as Tenno (天皇) in Japanese.
Ten(天) means Heaven or Sky, and No (皇) means emperor.


The role of the Japanese emperor

  • What is the role of the Japanese emperor?

Most Japanese people think that the emperor serves as a ceremonial symbol of Japan.
Like the British monarchy, the Japanese emperor has no political role or power in the country.


Where the Japanese emperor lives?

The emperor lives in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, which is called Kokyo (皇居) in Japanese.
The Imperial Palace (= Kokyo (皇居) ) stands on the former site of Edo Castle, the heart of Tokyo.

The Imperial Palace of Japan is the oldest monarchical house in the world.




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